Top 10 Books of 2014 So Far

As I am writing this post, I have read 96 books this year, which to be honest I’m proud of. It’s quite a lot, isn’t it? But as always, there have been books that I loved more than others and I thought it was time to show you my favorite reads of 2014 so far. I add so far because obviously the year isn’t over yet, and I might still discover a new favorite or even 10 new favorite books of the year. And yes, this post would have made more sense in July, seeing as that is when the first half of the year is over. But I only started this blog in September and I thought it was still worth sharing. So, let’s get on with it!
By the way, these are not in any order.

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  1. Murder of Crows (The Others #2) by Anne Bishop
    This is the second book in a series called The Others. The first book is called Written in Red and would also be included in this list had I not read it last year. It’s the story of Meg Corbyn who is a cassandra sangue, which is a blood prophet. The first book starts when Meg escapes the people who “own” her and runs to the Lakeside Courtyard, run by Simon Wolfgard. In this world, The Others own all the natural resources and basically, humans don’t have all that much to say. The Others live in their own communities, like the Lakeside Courtyard. READ THESE. They are so amazing, I don’t even have words for it.
  2. Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods by Rick Riordan
    Greek myths told from Percy Jackson’s perspective? I was immediately sold. This book made me laugh out loud so many times! I love Rick Riordan, he’s one of the only authors on my auto-buy or auto-read list. Even if I don’t know what the story is about, if he wrote it, I will read it.
  3. Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson
    Emily and Sloane are best friends and while Sloane is the outgoing type, Emily is more shy. And then Sloane disappears. No texts, no note and an empty house. The only thing she left is a bucket list for Emily, with activities Emily would never have done alone. It leads to a lot of unexpected events and honestly, this book is so much fun. And yes, there is a bit of a love story connected but the main topics of this book are self-discovery, becoming more confident and the power of friendship. Loved it.
  4. Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass #2) by Sarah J. Maas
    I read the first book Throne of Glass and the prequel novellas in The Assassin’s Blade as well this year and while I loved them all, Crown of Midnight is my favorite so far. If you haven’t heard about this series, the first book is about a female assassin, Celaena Sardothien, suffering in the salt mines of Endovier. Until she competes to best the King’s Champion -which is basically his personal assassin. If she succeeds, she’ll no longer have to fulfill her punishment in the salt mines. A female assassin in an assassin-competition? Sounds incredible to me!
  5. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz
    Long title, I know… This book is a strong character-driven story. It’s told through Ari’s point of view, but sometimes it almost feels as if you’re reading through Dante’s eyes too. It starts when they are children and you watch them grow into teenagers. And not only the boys but also their families are very present in this story, which I loved. I can honestly say I have never read anything like this. It just blew my mind.

96277558349244654725828249The Shadow of the Wind

  1. Isla and The Happily Ever After (Anna #3) by Stephanie Perkins
    Good news for those who haven’t read the first two books: you don’t have to! These are companion novels and follow different characters -although the characters from previous books may appear in the one you’re reading. I loved the first book, Anna and the French Kiss, and really liked the second one, Lola and the Boy Next Door. But Isla, I adored you. I felt so connected with Isla in this book, we are very similar in the way we think and act. Anyway, if you like cute, contemporary romantic stories, go check this out!
  2. Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma
    It’s hard to call this book a favorite because of the devastating story it contains. Forbidden is about two siblings, Lochan and Maya, who fall in love. Yes, brother and sister fall in love. Props to Tabitha Suzuma for writing a story about something that is so taboo. I didn’t expect to feel for the characters as much as I did. If you are hesitant about picking this up because you have a brother or sister, I do too. And thinking about romantic love between siblings kind of makes me nauseous but somehow, this story didn’t make me feel that way. I have a review about this one coming up soon, so look out for that!
  3. The Final Empire (Mistborn #1) by Brandon Sanderson
    Brandon Sanderson has been the focal point of a lot of hype this year. Honestly, I think it is well deserved. Fantasy is one of my favorite genres ever, and the world he created in the Mistborn series is truly exceptional. In this world, some people can use Allomancy, which is the burning of metals in your body. Different metals lead to different outcomes: by burning one you can become stronger, while another one may enhance your vision. So, combine this world with a thieving crew -who are Allomancers- trying to overthrow the Lord Ruler and what do you get? An epic story.
  4. The Magician’s Guild (The Black Magician Trilogy #1) by Trudi Canavan
    Another fantasy story! In this world, the people who are able to use magic join The Magician’s Guild. In the Guild, you get an education in magic and only people in the Guild are allowed to use magic. But only rich people or people from noble families are accepted in. The story is about Sonea, a girl from the poorest part of the capital, who one day, breaks the magical barrier the magicians are holding up. The only way to do so however, is by using magic herself. The breaking of the barrier causes Sonea to run away, and after that follows the most suspenseful cat-and-mouse game I’ve read in a while. Not enough people have read or heard about these books and that makes me sad, because they are truly great.
  5. The Shadow of the Wind (Cemetery of Forgotten Books #1) by Carlos Ruiz Zafón
    I am not going to give you a synopsis of this book because I think it’s best to go into it not knowing what to expect. Just know, that this is a book about a book, its author and a boy obsessed with both of them. It took me on a crazy rollercoaster ride because I never knew where the story was going to go next. Definitely recommend this one, and I still have to read the second and third book in the companion series.

So those are the 10 books I loved the most during 2014 so far. Let me know in the comments whether you’ve read any of them or what your favorite reads of the year were!

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