This Week’s New Releases (I’m Excited For)

Every week tons of new books get released. While it would be impossible for me to list all of them, I can make a little list every week of the books I am excited to read. Please remember that these are the books I am personally excited for, so books you’ve been anticipating may not be featured simply because I haven’t heard of it or it is part of a series I haven’t started or it may even be a book that doesn’t really interest me all that much. But if you think I forgot an important book being published, please let me know in the comments! Recommendations are always welcome.

If you’re looking for a synopsis of any of these books, you can click on their title. That will take you to its Goodreads page.

stay  with memessenger of fearHorrorstör

  1. Stay With Me (Wait For You #3) by J. Lynn
    Publication: September 23rd, 2014
    J. Lynn, or Jennifer L. Armentrout, is one of my favorite authors. I have read quite a few books by her and can’t think of one I didn’t enjoy. The first two books in this series of companion novels were truly wonderful and I can’t wait to read Calla’s story with Jax. If you haven’t heard of the Wait for You series, it’s a new adult series.
  2. Messenger of Fear (Messenger of Fear #1) by Michael Grant
    Publication: September 23rd, 2014
    According to Goodreads, Messenger of Fear is being published on September 23rd, but its first publication was on August 26th -still counting it as this week though. I’ve previously read Gone by Michael Grant and I really enjoyed that one -I should probably continue on with the series soon. I don’t really know what it’s about, as the synopsis isn’t very revealing, but I know it is a young adult fantasy/science fiction story.
  3. Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix
    Publication: September 23rd, 2014
    Like Messenger of Fear, this book was first published on September 2nd, but according to Goodreads is being published on September 23rd again. You may feel like these books don’t really count, but in my opinion, it is being published this week and I am excited about it! This story is about a furniture store Orsk -a bit like Ikea, which is why it looks like a catalog-  where mysterious things happen at night. So the employees volunteer for a dusk-till-dawn shift, so they can see what’s going on. It sounds like an amazing read!

So these are the books that are being published this week and that I’m excited to read. Let me know whether you’re anticipating a book this week!

This Week’s New Releases (I’m Excited For)

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