This Week’s New Releases (I’m Excited For)

I’m back with another New Releases-post. If you haven’t read my previous one, please note that these are definitely not all the books that are being released this week. These are just the ones I’ve been anticipating or I look forward to reading. If you think I left any important ones out, please let me know in the comments!

If you want a synopsis of any of these books, you can click on the title which will take you to its Goodreads page.

the fine art of pretending schizo winterspell belzhar 20579281

  1. The Fine Art of Pretending (The Fine Art of Pretending #1) by Rachel Harris
    This looks like an amazing contemporary read. If you read the synopsis it sounds like a cute romance: a tomboy wanting to change and a best friend masquerading as a pretend boyfriend. It will probably be a light read, but I quite like those.
  2. Schizo by Nic Sheff
    Schizo is about a boy recovering from a schizophrenic breakdown and at the same time, his brother goes missing. I haven’t read many books about mental illness -of the top of my head, I can only think of Silver Linings Playbook- but I’m interested in the topic and definitely want to read more.
  3. Winterspell (Winterspell #1) by Claire Legrand
    This book was inspired by The Nutcracker and if I’m honest: I know nothing about The Nutcracker. But the plot of Winterspell sounds good: a girl trained in self-defense whose father is kidnapped by non-humans and a dethroned prince bound by a curse. I’ve seen some 5-star reviews and some 1-star reviews already from reviewers that received arcs. I’m curious to find out on which end of the spectrum I’ll be.
  4. Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer
    Belzhar is about a girl whose boyfriend has died and she just can’t move on. That’s all I know about this story yet for some reason it intrigues me.
  5. The Wonder of All Things by Jason Mott
    The Wonder of All Things is a story about a girl called Ava, who has healing powers and the spectacle and spotlight she creates. Of the 5 books that are mentioned in this post, this one is the one I’m the least sure of. But since I’m doubting, there’s a part of me that is definitely interested in it so I’m leaving it here.

Those are the books that are being released this week and that I’m excited about reading. If you have any recommendations of new releases, please let me know in the comments!

This Week’s New Releases (I’m Excited For)

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