Update: New Releases

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to update you guys on the New Releases posts I’ve been doing and the changes I want to make. I’ve previously made a post every week on Monday -which you can find here– and in those posts I showed you the books that were being released that week that I was excited to read. I’ve noticed recently however, that most weeks there aren’t really any books I’m truly looking forward to read -published in that week. Because I don’t want to make a post with 1 book in every week or even a quick apology saying: “Sorry, don’t have anything to say this week” I have decided to change the frequency.

I am going to do a post per month. For example: November Releases (I’m Excited to Read). I hope that this is an acceptable change for you, it seemed more practical and reasonable to me. As for the month of November, every book I was truly looking forward to I have already mentioned in my post from Monday, November 3rd which you can find here.

This may mean that I won’t always have a post up every Monday and I truly apologize for that. I post as much as I can, and not on a regular schedule. Logically, my blog posts are tied to how much I am reading at the moment.

I hope you all understand and are maybe even a bit excited for the monthly releases-posts that will come your way!

Update: New Releases

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