#FridayReads November 20th, 2014

I’m back with another installment of #FridayReads where I show you what I’ll be reading during the weekend -or hope I’ll be reading. If you’ve read any of the books I mention, let me know what you thought of it -but DON’T GIVE SPOILERS! I hope you enjoy this post!


I am currently reading Seeker (Seeker #1) by Arwen Elys Dayton. I received this book via Netgalley for review. I’ve only just started this but so far I’m enjoying it. I’ll make a review of it as soon as I finish reading it!
It’s about a girl named Quin, who is about to take her Oath and become what she’s trained her entire life for: a Seeker,who protect the weak and the wronged. She’s about to do this with her two closest friends, Shinobu and John. But the night Quin takes her Oath, everything changes. Being a Seeker is not what she thought. Her family is not what she thought. Even the boy she loves is not who she thought.

That’s all I’m planning on reading so far. I still haven’t finished Whole in the Clouds by Kristine Kibbee  which was in my last #FridayReads but to be honest, I don’t think that’s going to happen this weekend. I didn’t enjoy the first like 30% of the book, and have no motivation left to continue -which I know I should, seeing as I got it for review. I feel really guilty for not reading it… Maybe I’ll try again this weekend, who knows?

I don’t know what I’ll read after Seeker. I might be in the mood for some fantasy, or maybe some new adult. Do you have any fantasy or new adult recommendations? I’d love to hear them! Hope you enjoyed this #FridayReads, and feel free to let me know what you’re reading at the moment 😀

#FridayReads November 20th, 2014

2 thoughts on “#FridayReads November 20th, 2014

  1. I’ve seen this book and I wondered about it! It has a great cover and sounds pretty good when you explain it like that. I’m interested in seeing what you think. It stinks that you’re reading one that you aren’t loving – I just fought my way through Allegiant by Veronica Roth. Phew. I didn’t love that series (like everyone else in the world, I think).

    I’m still working on the Sevenwaters series – I’m about halfway through Son of the Shadows by Juliet Marillier and Gosh I love it. So much. Have you read The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss? That’s my FAVORITE fantasy book. For new adult, I really love the Lost and Found series by Nicole Williams and Vain by Fisher Amelie, but that category is so broad I think it kind of depends on what you like the best as to what kind of recommendations to give. I love so many in the NA stacks. (:


    1. I really like the cover too! Yeah, I don’t like the book but I feel like I can’t not read it, you know? The publishers give them and it’s only fair I give them a review in return. I just can’t make myself continue with it.

      I LOVE the Sevenwaters series! Son of the Shadows is actually my favorite of the two -or three- that I’ve read. And noooo, I still haven’t read The Name of The Wind! I should though, it sounds absolutely incredible to me.

      I enjoyed reading Vain as well! It was definitely different from most of the other NA books I’ve read. I haven’t read the Lost and Found series by Nicole Williams though. I will go and look it up now! I just read the synopsis for One Day by David Nicholls. I HAVE to read it! Thank you so much for the recommendation, the premise seems amazing.

      I love a lot of NA books as well, I don’t really know how to categorize them further…


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