Books to Movies: The Good (Part I)

Today, I want to share some of the books I’ve read that have been turned into movies. More specifically, I enjoyed ALL of these movies. I’m often scared to go watch my favorite books in the theater. Often, it either takes a different turn than the book, or it’s just not done well -in my opinion. These movies however, were done right!

These are some books/ movies where I enjoyed both versions!

lotr movie catching fire movie tfios movie the book thief movieΒ the lucky one the notebook harry potter silver linings movie perks movie divergent

From all the picks above, I enjoyed both the books and their movie adaptations. I would highly recommend all of them!

Then I have some book to movie adaptations that I’ve seen and enjoyed -but haven’t read the book yet.

ender's game the help

I really enjoyed these movies but for some reason I haven’t read the books yet. I should really do that. Although I feel like I have no motivation to do so with Ender’s Game. It’s really a story that focuses on the action and the big plot twists at the end, but I obviously already know them. I will definitely read The Help though!

For my last choice, I chose a movie adaptation that I highly enjoyed but I didn’t enjoy its book, AT ALL. The movie adaptation was so good though, I would definitely recommend watching it.

maze runner

So this was part 1 of my book to movie-adaptations. Have you read or watched any of these? Let me know!

Books to Movies: The Good (Part I)

4 thoughts on “Books to Movies: The Good (Part I)

  1. Oh my! I’ve always been such a fraidy-cat when it comes to adaptations…until very recently. So I haven’t seen many of these! Of course, I’ve seen The Notebook and enjoyed it. And I liked Catching Fire! AND AND AND I liked Silver Linings Playbook HOWEVER I always want people to know that the book and the movie are different enough that I think they should give the book a shot! (Matthew Quick is one of my top-favorites, so I can get a little annoying with this.) I read the book first for all three of these because what you may not realize is that I have this OBSESSION with reading the book first. Unless I don’t realize there is a book which is a whole different discussion…

    I’m afraid to see The Help. I LOVED that book. But it VERY MUCH resonated with me because it is very representative of how the older members of my family are/were when I was younger, so it really sat heavily on my heart. I should reread it, actually. And I really want to see The Maze Runner – it’s playing at the $1 theater here in town, but I haven’t read the book yet so I won’t go. SEE I’M OBSESSED.

    I just recently read and saw One Day by David Nicholls – that was a great adaptation. I loved the book and the movie! It’s adult fiction. Not sure if you’ve read it. (And I’m ONE episode into The 100 and I like it!)


    1. I agree about Silver Linings Playbook. The book and movie are a bit different, yet I enjoyed both so much! I try to read the book first as well -unless I didn’t realize. When I don’t read it first, I lack the motivation to do so afterwards… Like with Ender’s Game.

      I really loved the movie The Help! I watched it with my mom, and it was a movie that really stayed with us. Even with my mom. I obviously can’t compare it with the book since I haven’t read it but I think you should give it a try. Then I will give the book a try πŸ˜€

      Actually, I don’t think I’d recommend reading The Maze Runner first. I went to see it with a friend and he said to me “Now I’ll have to read the following books, I need to know what happens!” and I advised him to wait. I advised him to wait a year or even more for the next movie instead of reading the books, that’s how much I disliked them. So I’d break the obsession here -BE STRONG.

      No I haven’t seen or read One Day! I shall go and look it up immediately. There are still so many adaptations I have to see/books I have to read…

      I haven’t seen The 100 yet but I am going to make a second part of this post soon dedicated to TV Shows!

      Thank you so much for stopping by Asheley πŸ˜€


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