The Addictive Blog Award


I was nominated by Oh Bookish for the Addictive Blog Awards. Thank you so much for nominating me! That is so kind and it truly means a lot to me…

Why I started blogging

I had been reading blog posts and watching book videos for a long time before I started my own blog. I loved being able to talk about books with others that are just as passionate about reading as I am. Since I read quite a lot and love to discuss the books I’ve read, I figured it was time that I joined the community. A book blog was a lot more suitable for my personality than a BookTube channel is so I decided to do some research about blogging. After a while, I just felt like jumping in and I started my blog in September of 2014. I’ve only been blogging for about 3 months now but the support I’ve been getting from the entire community -and from my friends and family- is mind blowing.

Who I’m addicted to

  1. Brin’s Book Blog
  2. Blog of a Bookaholic
  3. Thoughtfultomes
  4. April’s Bookworld
  5. Paper Fury
  6. Falling for YA
  7. Into the Hall of Books
  8. Snowflakes and Spider Silk
  9. YA Madness
  10. Book Nerd Reviews

Definitely check these blogs out if you haven’t, they are incredible!

The Addictive Blog Award

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