Mini review: The Spirit War (The Legend of Eli Monpress #4) by Rachel Aaron

the spirit warTitle: The Spirit War
Author: Rachel Aaron
Series: The Legend of Eli Monpress #4
Published: January 1st, 2012 by Orbit
Genres: fantasy, magic
Rating: ★★★★½  – 4.5/5 stars

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I won’t give a synopsis here, since it’s the 4th book in a series. However, you can click on the GoodReads link if you want to see it.


I called this review a “Mini review” in the title because it’s the fourth book in a series which means that there are lots of things I can’t even talk about. Because I don’t do spoilers. I hate them -so much- so from now on I might do mini reviews on sequels. Let me know if you like this! My reviews will always be spoiler-free, even if you haven’t read the first book in the series.

I love so many of the characters in this series! Firstly, there’s Eli of course. I absolutely adore Eli! He’s cocky, smart, funny and witty and his arrogance amuses me to no end. And I am usually a person that does not do well with arrogance. Eli is so charming though, he kind of gets away with it. And Josef is sort of the opposite of Eli: he’s a no-nonsense kind of guy and that attitude gets tested A LOT in this book. The Spirit War focuses more on Josef than the other books have and you get to learn so much about him in this book. I had to stop myself from yelling: NOOOO or WHAT? out loud several times. And Nico, brave and yet shy Nico. How I admire her. Then there is Miranda, with her strong morals and beliefs and her incredibly ghosthound Gin.

I know I just rambled on about the characters, but they truly make this series. The plot of this one was a lot different than the others, which is not a bad thing at all! War is coming -I don’t feel like this is a spoiler, because look at that title- and everyone is preparing. I really enjoyed the battle scenes and fights in this book and there was a lot more explanation about the world they live in. It’s always been mysterious because every single spirit is forbidden to talk about the Shepherdess but here we find out more. And all I can say to that is that I LOATHE THE SHEPHERDESS. I hate her. SO MUCH. And I couldn’t deal with the ending to this one, I immediately picked up the next -and last- book in the series. I don’t know if I’m ready to say goodbye to these characters yet.

I really recommend this series! It’s just such a fun read.

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