The Jolly Blogger Award

jolly blogger

I’ve been nominated for the Jolly Blogger Award by Brin -thank you Brin! The past few years -ever since I started university- Christmas hasn’t been as cheerful as before since I actually have to study almost the entire time. But this tag did make me smile! I won’t be tagging or nominating anyone else, because the holidays are practically over 🙂

So here are the questions Brin asked me!

  1. What is on your Christmas wish list?
    Actually, my parents and family tend to ask me beforehand so they will know for sure that I like the gifts. I got some pretty amazing tea varieties and two products from the Body Shop from my cousin and I asked my parents for some dumbbells, a fitness mat and a wax burner! 🙂
  2. What would be the perfect Christmas?
    Spending the day with my family, eating and laughing and opening gifts!
  3. What’s your favorite winter makeup look?
    I adore makeup and try out a lot of different looks. Right now, my daily routine consists of: BB cream or concealer, a light pink blush, bronzer, gel eyeliner -without a wing though-, mascara and either a very bold lipstick or a neutral pinkish one.
  4. Do you believe in Santa?
    No, I haven’t for an extremely long time. According to my parents, I never really believed them when they told me about Santa. Apparently, I was a suspicious child!
  5. What is your favorite Christmas food or drink?
    Oh, that’s a tough one. If I have to choose, I’d say tiramisu, because I always make it at Christmas time and LOVE it.
  6. Will you be traveling for Christmas, and if so, where?
    I won’t be traveling! This year, the party will be at my parents home and since I am a university student, I do live at home during the holidays and weekends.
  7. With or without snow?
    Right now, I think I’d prefer snow because until the 12th of January, I don’t really have to go anywhere. I have to spend my days studying inside so it doesn’t really matter to me. I do like that it’s still not freezing in Belgium, because I do not like the cold. AT ALL.
  8. Do you like eggnog?
    To be honest, I have never tasted it. I don’t really think it’s a “thing” here in Belgium.
  9. What is your favorite winter clothing?
    SCARVES. Although I wear them in the summer as well… But I love thick snoods that you can wrap around yourself in the winter.
  10. Do you leave Santa cookies?
    No! We’d likely eat them ourselves if we would try.
  11. What was the best gift you’ve ever gotten?
    In 2012, I got an ereader for Christmas from my parents! It’s probably one of the gifts I still use every day, after two years.
  12. What is your favorite Christmas memory?
    Oh, this is really not an easy question! I guess I don’t really have one favorite memory, more a tradition we used to have that I really loved. We used to celebrate Christmas at my godmother’s house -my mom’s sister. Every year we would go there and after the first appetizers, we have soup. My godmother used to make this soup especially for me, because I loved it so much. It was this tomato soup, without chunks, that was rich, thick and creamy with little vermicelli inside and small meatballs. I LOVED IT. She would keep the leftovers in her pantry because it was really cold there. She’d always let me sneak into the pantry -although it wasn’t really sneaking because everyone knew- and take a cup to heat up. My godmother died a little over 4 years ago, so now we celebrate it at my parents’ house but I will never forget that tradition.

So those were the questions! As I said before, I won’t be tagging anyone else, but feel free to answer these questions yourself in the comments, I’d love to see your answers.

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2 thoughts on “The Jolly Blogger Award”

  1. I’m sorry that your godmother died, it’s never easy losing somebody! ❤ That tradition sounded lovely, though. 🙂 My favorite Christmas food is mince pies, they're amazing! :')


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