Mini review: Spirit’s End (Legend of Eli Monpress #5) by Rachel Aaron

spirit's end Title: Spirit’s End
Author: Rachel Aaron
Series: Legend of Eli Monpress #5
Published: January 1st, 2012 by Orbit
Genres: Fantasy, magic
Rating: ★★★★★ – 5/5 stars

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I won’t provide a synopsis here as this is the 5th book in the series, but you can always click on the Goodreads link above. I am a BookDepository affiliate, which in no way affects my opinion.



I did it. I read this entire series in the month of December! I almost never finish an entire series at once because after 2 or 3 books I feel filled with the world, like I need to take a break from it. The Legend of Eli Monpress series was the complete opposite of that for me: I couldn’t get enough of this!

If you don’t know what this series is about, here’s the basic synopsis of the first book: Eli Monpress is the greatest thief in the world and he means to prove that by raising his bounty impossibly high. To achieve that though, he’ll need to pull of some big heists and what better place to start than by kidnapping the king?

He gets into the most ridiculous situations together with his two travelling companions Josef, the greatest swordsman, and Nico. This series just made me laugh constantly. Eli is such an incredibly hilarious character -and not a modest one either, but we’ll forgive him for that.

This is the final book in the series and let me tell you: IT WAS SO SUSPENSEFUL! This book was full of surprises and action and let me tell you, it wasn’t going very well for the world they live in. Because I was so attached to the characters, I couldn’t tear myself away from it. I can’t really tell you more about it because that would just spoil the entire series for you.

I’ll just leave you with the following advice and observations:

Eli Monpress is a genius character. Honestly, I loved reading about him.

The Shepherdess should really go see a psychiatrist.

This world is incredible, I’d like to live in it.


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