Reader’s Choice Poll: February 2015

Hi everyone! In my 2015 book blogging goals, I mentioned I’d try to do a reader’s choice every month -aside from January and probably June. The idea is that I make a poll with certain novels I want to read and you guys can vote. I’ll read the book that has the most votes. To be honest, I probably started the poll for this month a bit late. I’ll check back in a week or so and see whether people have voted already. For March though, I’ll probably put it up earlier. I hope you guys like this sort of thing… I hope I’ll get some votes at least… 

In short: this is what -I hope- will happen. You guys will vote for the book you’d like me to read and review and I’ll do so for the book with the most votes!

This month’s choices are:

The covers link to their Goodreads pages, if you are wondering what the books are about.

heir of fire all the light we cannot see the winner's curse ScarletUS.indd

I hope you guys will take a few seconds to vote on my poll!