Review: The Heir (The Selection #4) by Kiera Cass

the heir

Novel: The Heir (The Selection #4) by Kiera Cass
Publication date: May 5th, 2015 by HarperTeen
Genres: Dystopian, Romance, YA
Rating: 3/5 stars

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No synopsis given due to possible spoilers -my reviews are always spoiler-free! P.S. Even if you haven’t read the first book, I won’t spoil you. PROMISE.


I chose these quotes because I wanted to illustrate the reason why I disliked Eadlyn.

“I’d rather be scarred for life than admit to being afraid.”

“She didn’t even curtsy. “Neena, I was simply talking!” The door slammed, and I looked after her, shocked that she so shamelessly left without permission. I hadn’t meant to offend her. […] When the substitute maid showed up, I sent her away. Just because Neena was in a bad mood didn’t mean she could get out of her work. I could take care of myself, and she could clean tomorrow.”


I was really curious about The Heir. I did like the original The Selection trilogy, it was sort of a guilty pleasure read. I mean, the dystopian part was very underdeveloped, but the romance was so addicting. After reading this book though, I’m thinking Kiera Cass should have either gone with a different main character, or just stopped altogether.


As I mentioned before, I find this series to be a guilty pleasure. I have to say that overall, I did enjoy the storyline of this book. It’s interesting to see the first queen, and see her go through the selection process. What I definitely liked was that we actually get to see the selection from the other side. With America, all we saw was the contenders’ side. Now, we get the royal view. 

I do think these books are quite predictable. I mean, I think I we all can pretty much predict who she will end up with, unless Kiera Cass decides to take the story and give it a 180° spin. As I said, I liked the story. And I liked the contenders. I just didn’t like the main character, AT ALL.


Okay, this is the part where I’ll go on a little rant. The only reason I deducted stars from this book’s star rating is the main characters. Eadlyn is a spoiled brat. And yes, even that is an understatement. She keeps saying to herself that no one in the world is more powerful than she is. She is unable to ask for help or even admit she needs it, and so incredibly inconsiderate of other people’s feelings. I’ll demonstrate this by the second quote I showed. She just insulted her maid and told her that her husband is much better and intelligent and that she is just a maid. And then she doesn’t understand that the maid is angry and walks out???? That she didn’t even curtsy? ARE YOU KIDDING ME. And how she eliminated the first time for the selection? So rude.

She constantly says things like that people should learn decency, address her as Your Highness, should curtsy more and show her respect. YOU ARE NOT EVEN QUEEN YET MISSY. YOU ARE JUST A VERY ANNOYING TEENAGER. It took her two very dramatic life changes at the end of the book to realize that she is indeed a brat.

Okay, now my rant is over. I think. I did like the other characters though. They -and the storyline- were pretty much the only reasons I kept reading. I loved the contenders -well, some of them. It was fun to see it this way and get to know them slowly, just like Eadlyn did. I love the king and queen. And I love Eadlyn’s brothers -they were not bratty or rude. 


So overall, I did like the story. I just wish it was told by anyone else -and I truly mean ANYONE. I think if you enjoyed the Selection trilogy, you may want to give this one a try. Beware of the bitch-factor though. I’m not quite sure whether I’ll end up reading the next book(s?). On one hand, I feel like Eadlyn will be less annoying after the ending of this book so maybe it’s worth a try? I haven’t decided yet. Ask me again next year.


Review: The Heir (The Selection #4) by Kiera Cass

6 thoughts on “Review: The Heir (The Selection #4) by Kiera Cass

  1. I’ve been hearing from a lot of people that Eadlyn was the worst thing about this book. I’ve not gotten around to reading the first trilogy yet – I want to I just have to time it for when I’m wanting ‘The Bachelor’ type romance. However, even if I do like those books, I’m starting to think this one would get a pass from me.


  2. I saw this is the bookstore the other day and was on the fence. I think I might give it a pass. I hate when the MCs are like that. A few forgivable flaws make them human/realistic, but she seems like she’s too much.


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