An Apology for this Hiatus

Hi everyone! I just wanted to apologize today. As I’ve mentioned before, June is finals month here in Belgium and I am currently knee deep in exams. I was not planning to take a hiatus as last semester, I succeeded in keeping my blog updated during the exams. However, I did not have any time to write blog posts beforehand this semester so I couldn’t schedule them. And at the moment, I don’t have much time to write any.

I will try to keep writing Friday Reads posts, so I can at least update you on what I am reading. I hope you can all understand my reasoning for this small hiatus! My degree is really a top priority to me. But good news, my exams end on June 23rd, so afterwards I will probably go through a blogging-and-review-writing frenzy!

I probably won’t be commenting much either, but be prepared to have my name pop up constantly as comments on your blog after June 23rd!

See you soon, my lovely peeps.


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