Friday Reads | July 17th

Here I am, with another Friday Reads post to show you what I’ll be reading during the weekend! I am so very happy at the moment.

As you may know, I had 2 wisdom teeth removed on the 8th. Normally, recovery shouldn’t have taken long but after 5 days I was still experiencing a lot of pain on the right side. My jawbone hurt right up until my ear. So I went to the doctor, who prescribed my antibiotics against an infection –which isn’t easy as I am allergic to most antibiotics– and I am glad to say that I am finally better! I have almost no pain, just a slight annoyance from the threads of the stitches. You may be reading this and thinking “Jolien, why is this here. That’s not relevant!”. Aaaaah, but it is my friend. You see, because I felt so terrible, I didn’t feel like reading. Now, I am delighted and happily reading again. SO HERE WE GO.


At the moment, I am reading Heir of Novron (Riyria Revelations #5-6) by Michael J. Sullivan. I love this story. I have loved these characters throughout the previous 4 books and I can’t wait to see how Sullivan will wrap up their story. Although I don’t think I will be able to handle the end. But no despairing! There is a sort of prequel series being written now, which you know I will be picking up as well.

I haven’t decided on what my next read will be. But here are some of the review books I still have to read and am thinking of picking up. Which one do you think I should pick up next? P.S. The covers will lead to their Goodreads page.

sacrificed true fire the witch hunter city of stairs the fix thorn

Which of these review books should I pick up next? Let me know what you think!

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