London Book Haul | Pan Macmillan & Secondhand Gems

As you may know, I spent 2,5 weeks in London at the beginning of August to do a work experience at Pan Macmillan. Obviously, I couldn’t stay there for so long without going book-shopping. So in today’s haul, I’m showing you the books I acquired in London. It’ll be divided into two parts: the first part consists of the books I received from Macmillan and the second part of the ones I bought myself.

Pan Macmillan

Before I get into it, I want to say another thank you. I received all of these books for free, even though they didn’t have to give any to me. The people there were just so kind! THANK YOU. For all of these. Some I’ve already read, others I can’t wait to get into. 


My New Roots by Sarah Britton // A healthy cookbook! I know it may seem like a weird book to get but I actually love to cook. And I’ve been trying to turn my lifestyle into a healthier one. This book is so nice, it’s divided into seasonal recipes!

The Year of the Runaways by Sunjeev Sahota // Not only did I get a copy of this book, which was longlisted for the Man Booker prize, I got it autographed as well! The author is honestly such a kind person, and I quite enjoyed this book.

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah // I’m really looking forward to reading The Nightingale. I’ve heard so many people say incredible things about it.

The Emperor’s Blades (Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne #1) by Brian Staveley // A fantasy read I can’t wait to start.

Empire in Black and Gold (Shadows of the Apt #1) by Adrian Tchaikovsky // I’d never heard of this fantasy series before, but the synopsis sounds great so I’m going to give it a try!

Frostfire (Kanin Chronicles #1) by Amanda Hocking // I’ve already read this one and it was INCREDIBLE. I have to get the second one first, but I’ll definitely be continuing the trilogy soon.

Crystal Kingdom (Kanin Chronicles #3) by Amanda Hocking // I’ll be reading you SOON.

All the Rage by Courtney Summers // This seems like an interesting read! I’ve heard good things about it as well, so I’m curious to see what I’ll think of it.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell // I’ve already read Fangirl too -even before I started my blog. But I never actually owned a physical copy. NOW I DO!

The Mindfulness Colouring Book by Emma Farrarons // At first, I was a bit skeptical about this. I thought the illustrations were amazing but that it reduced stress? But now I’ve actually already coloured in a few of the pages and I have to admit it’s really relaxing.

The Little Book of Calm Colouring by David Sinden // Another gorgeous colouring book but this one has quotes in it as well! It’s so cute.

Secondhand finds


The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger // I found this book at a secondhand market underneath a bridge. Doesn’t that sound incredible? I believe it’s called the Southbank book market. I’ve always wanted to read this, and now I got it for a bargain price. 

Magician (Riftwar Saga #1-2) by Raymond E. Feist // I’d never seen these bind-up versions before but when I saw this at the same secondhand book market, I had to take it. I believe it was €5? 

Sepulchre (Languedoc #2) by Kate Mosse // I have the first book in this trilogy already, so when I saw this cheap copy of it at the market, I just took it with me.

The Diviners (The Diviners #1) by Libba Bray // I’ve already read this book. But just like with Fangirl, I never owned a physical copy of it. Now that Lair of Dreams is out, I want to reread this one and move on. So when I found this in a charity shop for 2£ I grabbed it immediately. Hardcover for 2£? Yes please.

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller // Again, already read this. This is one of my favorite books -and not just of this year. So I wanted a hard copy of it. I found this hardcover copy at the same charity shop for 2,5£. WHAT?

Love, Tanya by Tanya Burr // I’m a curious person. So when all the YouTubers started coming out with their own books, I wanted to take a look. But they aren’t cheap, so I didn’t want to buy them full price. I found this one in a charity shop for 2£ as well.

Warbreaker (Warbreaker #1) by Brandon Sanderson // I got this at Foyles -which is the greatest bookstore ever. 5 floors, a cafe and a jazzband. I wanted to buy one book there, both the remember the trip AND the bookstore. This beautiful copy just had to come home with me. I’ve already read it and all I can say is that Brandon Sanderson is a genius.

Lock In by John Scalzi // I’ve heard great things about John Scalzi. But I’m not usually a science-fiction fan, so it’s a gamble for me. But this copy was also in the charity shop for 2£ so I took the opportunity!

So those are the books I picked up on my London trip. Have you read any of them? Did I miss any of London’s greatest bookish places? Let me know!

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17 thoughts on “London Book Haul | Pan Macmillan & Secondhand Gems”

      1. Well the tickets are hopefully in the works… Fingers crossed.
        Wat studeer je precies in Brussel? Leuk om een Belgische Book blog te vinden 😊🎉🇧🇪


        1. Oeeh, Nederlands! Awesome. Het is mijn laatste jaar -normaal gezien- en ik ga mijn master in business administration beginnen. Ik had gekozen om alles in het Engels te volgen. Zo leuk om met iemand in het Nederlands te kunnen praten hier!


            1. Ik weet dat de eerste zeker vertaald is maar geen idee over de andere. Ik ben op bezoek in Belgie voor een week vanaf morgen en zou graag mijn collectie uitbreiden… Haha.


            2. Oh, ik hoop dat je een fijn bezoek hebt! Ik kan zien op de website van standaard boekhandel dat ze De Donkere Kroon hebben, wat dan waarschijnlijk Crown of Midnight is? De andere weet ik niet..


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