Hi everyone! Today is such an exciting day for me. MY BLOG IS TURNING 1! I can’t believe it has been a year already. When I started out, I didn’t know whether I’d be able to keep it up alongside university. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be up to par with my content, that no one would want to read my blog and that it would start to feel like a chore after a while.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT? After one year, I still love it just as much. Even more, probably. I discover something new every day. Whether that’s a new blog, a new follower, an amazing person who commented or retweeted my posts, how to make nice graphic designs or a new idea for a post. So today, I’m thanking all of you. Thank you for being on this journey with me.

Some special people I want to thank

  • Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense // THANK YOU ALICIA. For all the times you comment on my posts. For doing an incredible buddy-read with me on Outlander, because let’s be honest, I wouldn’t have had the motivation to start it on my own. For sharing my blog on yours. THANK YOU.Β 
  • Kyra @ Blog of a Bookaholic // Kyra, you are one of the first friends I made in this community. And I am SO thankful for that! I loved buddy-reading Finding Audrey with you. And discussing what we are reading, or reader problems -like, I don’t want to read the last book because then it’ll be done! And for all the times you comment on my posts.
  • Annemieke @ A Dance With Books // Thank you! For liking so many of my posts! I really appreciate it, much more than I think you’d realize.
  • Nicole @ Nymphadora Winterfell // THANK YOU for liking my posts! I so very much appreciate it πŸ™‚
  • Rachana @ Addicted to YA // Thank you for retweeting my posts on Twitter! It really helps me out so much and I want to thank you for it!
  • Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections // THANK YOU INGE. You inspire me. I love talking to you on Goodreads about books or reading & commenting on your posts. You’re so awfully nice!Β 
  • Cait @ Paper Fury // Now, Cait. First of all, thank you for inspiring me with your incredible blog on world domination! I’m so amazed by your photos, and I wish you could teach me the ways of photography. I was a bit intimidated by your blog at first but you are so kind and great! THANK YOU.Β 
  • EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO FOLLOWS MY BLOG // THANK YOU. You can’t imagine how grateful I am for your presence. I never thought I would get this many followers by the first year. Maybe to a lot of you, my amount of followers isn’t that much. And that’s okay. But to me, this is a miracle.
  • YOU // Whether you are someone I’ve mentioned above, a follower, someone who comments or likes my posts or just someone who reads them. I don’t care. THANK YOU. I appreciate every single person who reads one of my posts, whether you are a follower or not. Whether you comment or not.Β 

If I haven’t mentioned you directly, I AM SO SORRY. I wish I could make a list of every follower, commenter or liker ever -I know those aren’t actually words, but we’ll just go with it. Know that I appreciate you. Know that I would hug you if I could. And give you chocolates.Β 

Sooooo, because I want to thank you all: I’M DOING MY FIRST GIVEAWAY. Forgive me if I’m a bit of a rookie on the details, but we all have to learn at some point, right? So here’s how it’s going to go. You can win an order on The Book Depository up to €15! Obviously, this is an international giveaway as long as The Book Depository ships to your country. You need to be at least 18, or have permission from your parents to share your address with me –just a precaution, guys.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(because is such a dear and wouldn’t let me embed the rafflecopter giveaway, I can only give you the link)



  1. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY! (I’m sorry I’m only commenting now, I’ve been a busy chicken nugget -_-)

    OH MY GOSH JOLIEN YOU MENTIONED ME, I FEEL HONOURED! THANK YOU SO MUCH! ❀ I'm so glad that you started blogging and that I was able to "meet you" because you are literally the nicest person EVER. I loved buddy-reading with you (we must definitely do it again sometime!) and I love reading your comments because they're always so lovely and genuine.

    Your blog is wonderful and I look forward to reading your future posts! <3333


  2. Congratulations, Jolien! Turning one is a huge achievement! Blogging’s a lot of work, so keeping it up takes commitment.
    I always enjoy reading your posts and look forward to many more! πŸ™‚


  3. Inge says:

    Happy first blogoversary, Jolien! I always love reading your blog posts and your little comment for me totally made my day ^_^ I love talking to you as well! ❀


  4. I really like your blog, especially the reviews, which is not something I can often say about blogs.
    Of Dragons and Hearts turned 1 in April and I, too, was struck by how great the year was. πŸ™‚
    Congratulations on keeping up with blogging!


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