Why I Cancelled my Scribd Subscription

A few months ago, I made a post all about why I love Scribd. And don’t get me wrong, I still do. I would still highly recommend the service to you guys! But as I recommended it to you all, I found it only fair to let you know when I cancelled, and why. 

For those of you who don’t know, Scribd is an online subscription service. A fee of $8.95 a month gives you access to your vast collection of e-books, audio-books, graphic novels and so on. I have been using the service since May or June -if I’m not mistaken- and you do get a free trial to test it out. When I started using Scribd, I fell in love. It has SO MANY books I wanted to read! And at first, I used it a lot. For e-books, but especially for audio-books. There are just so many of them available which is why I recommended it to you all. So for the first few months, I used it all the time. 

Fast-forward to September though, I barely ever reach for it. I used it recently to read the first 10 single issues of Lumberjanes, but aside from that I haven’t used it at all. There are several reasons for this: 

  • With the start of the new academic year, I already have way less time to read. So when I do read, I want to focus on the review books I still have and the quite big amount of hard copies on my shelf that are unread.
  • They no longer offer an unlimited listening to audio-books, which is why I loved Scribd at the beginning. Now, most of their audio-books are using a credit system. You get 1 credit each month to listen to one of those audio-books, and you can buy more if you wish to do so. Unlimited listening was the most important reason as to why I love Scribd, so I was really sad when they took that away. 

When I truly thought about it, those two arguments were important to me. I don’t have much time to read, so the books I already have are a priority to me. And I can no longer have unlimited listening! So at the moment, I would rather save my money –which is also influenced by the fact that I just had to replace my laptop and that cost me quite a bit. I am by no means saying that I no longer love Scribd! I may register again at one point in time. However now, it is not one of my priorities and I am choosing to save my money. 


3 thoughts on “Why I Cancelled my Scribd Subscription

  1. Ah, that’s a pity that they took away the unlimited listening but it’s probably for the better that you unsubscribe so that you can focus on your review books! ❤ That's what I'm doing at the moment too. I'm not requesting anymore books or going to the library and I'm limiting the amount of books I'm buying, because I really want to focus on all my review books! THERE'S SO MANY GAH.


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