Weekly Wrap Up | October #2

Another Sunday, another weekly wrap up, right? I’m really enjoying writing these weekly wrap ups instead of monthly ones! I hope you’re all enjoying them too… So anyway, let’s see what I read, watched & did this week, shall we? 

What I Read (2)

omens daughter of smoke and bone

Omens (Cainsville #1) by Kelley Armstrong – ★★★★ // I got this one from the library -yes, that is in my opinion excluded from my book buying ban because I’m not actually buying them. But I saw this in the library and thought it looked interesting. I was pleasantly surprised by this one! I read it in like a day or two, which is saying something if you could see my schedule at the time. I will be writing a full review of this one soon! 

Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Daughter of Smoke and Bone #1) by Laini Taylor – ★★★★★ // I FINALLY READ THIS ONE! This one is a cult favorite, and I totally understand why. I absolutely loved it -and I’m so glad I already had the second book so I can continue soon without breaking my ban.

What I Watched (2)

As our Netflix subscription has been on hold since Monday, I haven’t been watching as much TV as I do otherwise. I have been watching a lot more YouTube videos though. Basically, we used a promo for 6 months free Netflix, which has now run out. So we need to renew the subscription and actually start paying, which we haven’t done yet -AAAH. Anyway! 

I am still keeping up with a lot of the fall TV I planned on watching. I’ve been loving the first two episodes of Criminal Minds, one of my all-time favorite shows. I’ve also been keeping up with ScorpionBlindspotScream Queens and Quantico. Honestly, how great is Quantico? It’s only been two episodes and I can already tell I’ll be addicted by the end of the season. And of course I can’t forget about the first episode of the new Flash season! LOVED IT. I liked that we got to see a different side to Barry Allen, a realistic side when dealing with stuff like that.

I still have to watch episode 3 of the new How To Get Away With Murder season, but I’m really looking forward to it! 

On the Blog (2)

  • I wrote about my favorite bookish pets this week! Which reminds me, I really want a pet. 
  • I also wrote a review about a new favorite graphic novel series Lumberjanes. Basically, you all have to read this amazing series about friendship.
  • And because I was inspired by my bookish pets list, I also made one about my favorite bookish animals!

So that’s my wrap up for this week! What have you read this week? Or watched? I’d love to hear about it!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up | October #2

    • I’m caught up! You’re right. IT’S NUTS. But I love it so much. I’m sorry you weren’t feeling Scream Queens. But there are so many other great shows you can watch instead of that one… Thank you! I hope you have a great week too!


  1. YES YOU READ DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE AND AHHH WASN’T IT JUST FANTASTIC?!?! So glad you enjoyed it! I desperately need the last book but alas, book buying ban meh. But I’m hoping to get a library card soon and I think the library has it so YAY!


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