Review: Ice Kissed

ice kissedBook: Ice Kissed (Kanin Chronicles #2) by Amanda Hocking
Published: May 1st 2015 by Tor UK
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Rating: 4.5/5 stars

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I won’t provide a synopsis, as Ice Kissed is the second book in the series and I don’t want to spoil you.


So, a while ago I review the first book in this trilogy, Frostfire, which you can read here. It’s no secret that I absolutely loved it. I flew through it in only a few hours. It was the start to a really interesting YA fantasy trilogy. And I’m glad to report that book #2 didn’t disappoint either! 


So the first reason I really loved this was that it went further than just the Kanin tribe! You get to meet the Skojare, which is so exciting. The different tribes and cultures is one of the reasons I love the trilogy so much. But in the first book, your main interaction is with the Kanin -which is kind of obvious if you look at the trilogy name. However, in this book the Skojare are involved too, and Bryn travels to their capital. I am definitely a water-person. I love the sea, the beach, a pool, anything water related. So the Skojare are so interesting to me! 


The second reason is that this series is kind of a fantasy mixed with mystery? There is this grand scheme happening, and Bryn is trying to figure out what’s happening. I do love me some political drama, and I feel like this series definitely has some of that. As each tribe has royalty, there obviously is some political scheming. This whole book, I was trying to figure out who was the backstabber, who was the schemer, WHO IS DOING ALL OF THIS? It definitely kept me engrossed.

Also, by the end of the book all hell broke loose. Like, I’m not kidding. WHAT HAPPENED. And I’m telling you, you might want to order the third book before starting this one, because this ending. This ending was everything.


As the trilogy progresses, you get to know the characters better. I have to admit that Ridley is probably one of my favorite characters of this series. He just seems like such a good guy! He’s smart, accomplished, sweet and loyal. Doesn’t that just say it all? So it was nice to get to see more of him in Ice Kissed. 

Obviously, we can’t forget about Bryn. She is progressing so much, in my opinion. She has some amazing friends who aren’t afraid to tell her when she’s wrong or behaving badly. Sometimes, someone just has to point out to you that you’re not as right as you think you are! And while she is stubborn, she isn’t afraid to admit that she was wrong. 

Some of my other favorites are Ember, Tilda and Kaspar. Kaspar is sort of a “new” addition, but he was such an interesting character! He’s part of the Hogdragen, which has always been Bryn’s dream. But he’s not afraid of telling her that her dream may not be like she imagined. That being part of the elite guard may mean having to make choices against your moral code. Because you were ordered to do so. Which I found really interesting! I mean, we all like to think we would do the right thing. But if you’ve sworn an oath and it is your job, would you choose the oath or your morals?

Obviously, there is still the mysterious Konstantin… I feel like you still know so little about him after this book! So curious to find out more though.

Overall, I highly enjoyed this sequel. It was an incredible continuation of the story, and kept me engrossed from page one until the end. I’m really looking forward to book 3 because I just need to know what has been going on. If you haven’t read this trilogy, I’d higly recommend it. They are action-packed, mysterious and the fantasy world is incredibly intriguing
Review: Ice Kissed

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