Review: Crystal Kingdom

crystal kingdomBook: Crystal Kingdom (Kanin Chronicles #3) by Amanda Hocking
Published: August 1st 2015 by Tor UK
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Rating: 5/5 stars

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I received this book from the publisher -thank you! This does not affect my opinion in any way.

I won’t provide a synopsis for this book as it is the last book in the trilogy.


Two days ago, I wrote my review on the second book in this trilogy, Ice Kissed, which I really enjoyed. Now it’s time for me to review the third and last book in the trilogy… I can’t believe this trilogy is over already. I read it in the span of two months -which may seem like a lot for some of you but I don’t usually binge-read series. So, let’s see what I have to say on this finale! 


I don’t want to spoil you, so this may end up being a short section. This picks up the instant Ice Kissed leaves off. I mean, not a single minute has gone by. I actually quite liked that. I read Ice Kissed and Crystal Kingdom right after one another, so starting this one I just felt like I was still reading the same book. Like, it was all one big book? I don’t know if I’m making any sense at all here. 

As I said in my previous review, this trilogy kind of centers around a big scheme. So when I started this book, I was like: YES, SOME ANSWERS! And boy, did it provide them. While I have to admit I saw some of the reveals happen, others took me completely by surprise. It was a good mix of being able to guess what will happen and being completely blindsided. I quite like trying to guess what will happen in these kinds of mysteries because it keeps me engrossed in the story.

I felt like this finale was incredibly action-packed. Bryn was traveling all over the place, trying to figure the whole thing out. And then trying to solve it, obviously. It was just so captivating!


If you’ve read my previous review, you’ll know that I loved the fact that Bryn traveled to the Skojare as it allows you to learn more about a totally different tribe. In Crystal Kingdom, a lot of traveling happens as well. I was just so intrigued by each tribe, where they choose to live and how! I like that each of them had different cultures and wants. I don’t want to say too much because that may accidentally spoil you but just trust me when I say that each tribe is intriguing -and scheming. It makes me wonder where I would want to live… I think I’d like to be a Trylle or a Kanin!


I like how each character develops throughout this series! Bryn is definitely facing an entirely different situation in this book and she adapts really well, using each trick her tracker training has taught her. She is really one of my favorite main characters. Why? Because she doesn’t just depend on talent. She works so incredibly hard to get where she wants to be! She has trained for years, and squeezes in exercise whenever she can. Which in my opinion is much more believable and inspiring than just talent you were born with. 

Again, I really liked Ridley, Ember and Tilda in this story. They are Bryn’s best friends, but each face their own hardships as well. I really liked the letters Ember wrote because I felt like they finally gave me some more insight into her character! And Ridley just pulled my heartstrings in this one. I JUST WANT TO HUG YOU. 

Of course, I can’t forget about Konstantin. So much about him is revealed in this book! His story was so interesting -and definitely worth reading the previous books just to get to know him.  

I liked that this story doesn’t really have a love triangle. At one point, Bryn is attracted to someone else, but that one person is always on her mind and she never doubts how much she loves him. FINALLY. A good YA fantasy without an actual love triangle… I mean, there is a bit of attraction between her and the other guy but she never really considers him to be a love interest, I think? I don’t know how to say this. 

Guys, I really hope you will all pick this trilogy up if you haven’t already. It makes me a bit sad to not see these books mentioned more! I really liked this finale. I think it wrapped the story up perfectly, but not in the every-single-person-is-happy-and-well-off kind of way? It’s more “realistic”. I can’t recommend this trilogy enough.
Review: Crystal Kingdom

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