Weekly Wrap Up| October #5

Hi everyone! I’m back with another weekly wrap up -and I’m still calling it October because November only happened today. And I’m in denial about it. 

I’m not even putting up the “What I Read” banner I usually have, because again, I didn’t read anything. I KNOW. I’m still in the reading slump people… I think it’s been a whole month now and I think it’s a combination of the season change slump and my stress for university. I have A LOT going on right now, and I’m struggling to stay on top of everything. So even if I felt like reading, I’d barely have any time… More on all of that later though! 

What I Watched (2)

Once Upon a Time


I finally watched the rest of season 4 everyone! And I watched the first episode of season 5, but I’m still like 4 episodes behind. I go through phases with this show: at one point I really feel like I have to watch this. And that happened this week. I really love this show! I feel like everyone should give it a try, even if you think you won’t like it. I love how they twist fairy tales, legends and myths together! 



I finished this series. I nearly cried in the last episode though. Greg, what are you doing to me? I really enjoyed this show! It’s a police show, but so different from any other crime show I’ve seen at the same time. It’s not about murder investigations, it’s not about the FBI or Homeland. It’s about the SWAT-type of people. The ones who are trained to both negotiate and take anyone down. I’m sad I hadn’t heard of this show earlier, I feel like this is kind of an underrated show. 



I used to follow Revenge weekly, because I absolutely loved the show. At a certain point, I stopped doing so -and I have no idea why. I stopped at the season finale of season 3 so this week, I watched the entire final season (4). I love this show. Season 4 was so great. So many twists, turns, awful people and great people. As always, Nolan -who is in the gif- is my favorite person. I can’t believe this show is finished now!

In Real Life (2)

I’ve been quite busy this week, so let’s see what I had going on, shall we?

  • I got to use my mother’s gift card to have lunch in a Michelin-star-restaurant with my best friend. She got a gift card a while ago, and it was about to expire -and she had no time to go. So she gave it to us! The lunch was AMAZING -although I did feel a bit out of place. We had (quite) some wine, and I have to admit that it was a highlight of this week.
  • I’ve been working hard trying to specify the subject for my thesis. It’s really hard to make such decisions, but I have to hand in my research proposal on the 1st of December so I really need to decide so I can start working on it. This whole thesis thing is really scary!
  • Next week I have a test for one of my courses that will count for 25%-50% of my final grade. So I’m also studying for that because I DO NOT WANT TO FAIL. His whole correction-thing is really weird though. He said he would give a few concepts we had to explain, a few short open questions and some multiple choice questions. Then he went on to say that he doesn’t want people to guess on them, so he would be using a special kind of correction for guessing. I’m used to correction for guessing (in which you deduct points for a wrong answer) but he will also deduct points for not answering. THEN I WILL GUESS, YOU IDIOT. If I’m losing points anyway, might as well guess, no?
  • I ordered a camera! It’ll arrive in like 3 weeks, because it was out of stock but I’m so excited about it. It’s an Olympus PEN E-PL7. I’ll insert a picture below. I’m so excited to start taking pictures, even though I know nothing about photography. If any of you have any tips, I’d love to hear about it!


So that was my week! What did you read or watch? Do you have any photography tips? I hope you all have a lovely week!
Weekly Wrap Up| October #5

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