The End of My Book Buying/Requesting Ban

As some of you may know, I imposed a book buying/requesting ban on myself a while ago. I would only get to buy 1 book per 5 I read from my shelf, and request 1 review copy per 3 I read. Now, it’s been a little over two months since I’ve started and I can honestly say that I haven’t cheated on it. I didn’t buy any books -aside from two I got with a gift card I got for my birthday- and I have only requested 1 review copy after I read 3 books for review. 

I am lifting my ban because the pressure it puts me under has contributed to my reading slump (I think). I’ve barely picked up any books since the beginning of October, and when I have they were either library books or ones on my ereader. So they didn’t count for my ban. I want to see whether I’ll start reading again when I don’t have pressure about numbers. When I won’t constantly have to think about reading 3 or 5. I’m not planning on requesting review copies anytime soon -I have one or two exceptions, when those books become available I’ll definitely request them- because I still have many that I have to read. But I won’t apply pressure to myself either.

I hope that this will get me reading again. I’m not planning on spending a crazy amount of money on books at the moment, because I barely have time to read. But I’m hoping that not putting myself under this constant pressure of “READ THESE BOOKS NOW” will help me relax more and enjoy my reading again.  

Anyway, here’s what I did for my ban.

Physical copies (5 to 1)

I read:
The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson
Ice Kissed by Amanda Hocking
Crystal Kingdom by Amanda Hocking
Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

I bought: 0

Review copies (3 to 1)

I read:
Javascript for Kids – Edelweiss
The Empyrean Key – Author
Ruby Wizardry – Edelweiss
Atlas of Cursed Places – Netgalley

I requested:
The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu
The End of My Book Buying/Requesting Ban

4 thoughts on “The End of My Book Buying/Requesting Ban

  1. Pressure is never a good thing when it comes to reading! (That’s why I generally don’t do challenges.) I know myself well enough to know that an outright ban will not help me, but I have cut way back on my ARC requests and that has seemed to give me more freedom to read whatever I feel like, including more books from my shelves. Good luck with your goals! I think that if you’re in a situation where you’re feeling pressure and not enthusiasm when it comes to your reading, then it’s time to drop the rules! 🙂


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