Weekly Wrap Up | November #3

Hello everyone! Another Sunday, another weekly wrap up. (That’s how I’m going to introduce every week, let’s be real).

What I Read (2)


Winter (Lunar Chronicles #4) by Marissa Meyer – ★★★★★ // I READ SOMETHING THIS WEEK! The past two months have been so hard for me, reading-wise, so I’m really glad I read and finished something. I’ve been excited for Winter ever since I finished Cress and I was definitely not disappointed. 

P.S. I’m currently reading Empire in Black and Gold (Shadows of the Apt #1) by Adrian Tchaikovsky, so I’ll probably finish this next week and have something in next week’s wrap up too! Maybe I’m getting back into reading? YAY!

What I Watched (2)

I haven’t watched a lot of TV shows this week, as I’ve been trying to focus on some deadlines. However I did re-watch old episodes of Criminal Minds and The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug! Criminal Minds is one of those shows I can re-watch forever, just like FRIENDS, and it’s no secret that I love the movies of The Hobbit & The Lord of The Rings…

What I listened to

Here’s one of my secrets to stop procrastinating and start working: soundtracks. I’m the kind of person who can’t study or work in silence. Silence is distracting. But regular music is distracting as well, because you can’t focus on writing part of your thesis or studying a course if you’re singing along to something! The answer to all of your problems: soundtracks. 

I’ve been using this method for years. The music is just so intense, and just gets me ready to work. So here are some of the soundtracks I listen to:

  • Harry Potter (soundtrack CD of each movie)
  • Lord of the Rings (again, there are so many songs on these CDs)
  • The Hobbit 
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron

Those movies have epic soundtracks! I think you have about 19 hours of music right there. Isn’t that amazing? Now, sometimes I resort to a different medium: 8tracks. I love this website, no joke. I’ll leave you a link to my profile so you can see all the collections I have made with playlists made by other people. I haven’t made a playlist of my own, but some people make amazing ones. So here are some collections I’ve made: 

  • Favorites: obviously, some of my favorite playlists are collected here
  • Middle Earth: collected playlists about Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit
  • Harry Potter: pretty self-explanatory as well
  • Soundtracks: playlists with soundtracks not just from HP or Middle Earth… 
  • Reading: things to listen to while you read! 
  • Study: again, playlists I listen to as well when I study. I switch between these, HP, LotR and reading while I study though. 

In Real Life (2)

So, what’s happened in real life this week? Not a lot of exciting stuff… 

I had to give a presentation with my team for our course of Family Businesses. I think it went really well, the professor seemed excited about the family business we interviewed and our conclusions. So yay! 

I finished my research proposal for my thesis, sent it to my supervisor and basically have to adapt nearly everything before the deadline on December 1st. I mean, a lot of it was good, but sometimes I gave too much details, sometimes too little, etc. But I’m glad she was kind enough to give feedback, as this will count for my overall grade too. 

As some of you may know, during the week I live in a student room in Brussels, and during the weekend I go back home to my parents in a much smaller town. I have always felt safe and at home in Brussels. Now however, shit’s been going down. The Paris attacks are so linked to Brussels, that the military is patrolling along with the police, all events are cancelled and the threat level in the capital has been raised to the highest level. The underground is closed too.My university cancelled all events and parties this weekend too. Better safe than sorry, I guess? My city has emptied out, there is almost no one on the streets and the nightlife has gone. 

This is the situation in Brussels currently…

That is my wrap up for this week! I hope you’ve all both had a great week, and have a great week to come!

Weekly Wrap Up | November #3

8 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up | November #3

  1. I actually thought I commented on this but I don’t think it published. >.< When I heard about the terrorism in Brussels my immediate thought was "I hope Jolien is okay!" – Stay safe! It's so awful that people want to inflict terror and pain on people. x

    Also, I really want to read the rest of the Cinder series! I read the first book and loved it, so I must definitely read the rest! 🙂


  2. I heard about Brussels and immediately thought of you because you had tweeted something about seeing police everywhere. Glad to hear from you. It’s got to be crazy and unreal over there right now. It’s probably a relief to go home on the weekends though.


    1. I really hope you’ll enjoy Winter. Thanks! Yeah, some of the terrorists came from Brussels, and one is still on the run here… I’m guessing that’s the biggest reason for the security. Hope you have a great week Grace! (and thank you so much for commenting on my weekly wrap ups, I’m always so glad to see one of your comments!)


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