December ’15 New Releases I’m Excited to Read

Every month, I write a post about the new releases I can’t wait to read for said month. (Aside from last month, but I’ll just hope that no one actually noticed I forgot.) So today, it’s all about them December releases! 

The Death of Dulgath (Riyria Chronicles #3) by Michael J. Sullivan // December 1st // The ebook version was released last month, but the actual paperback will be released on December 1st. I absolutely love this author and his Riyria series (both of them). I really want to pick this one up soon because I loved the previous two books in the series. 

Gateway to Fourline (Fourline Trilogy #1) by Pam Brondos // December 1st // I have to be honest, I’d never heard of this before last week. But then I found it on Goodreads and read the synopsis. And you know what came to mind? ADULT NARNIA. I have no idea whether it’ll actually be like that… But one can hope: no? 

See How They Run (Embassy Row #2) by Ally Carter // December 22nd // Now, don’t kill me if I’m wrong here. I was a tad confused because sometimes it says the release date is in January, and sometimes it says December. And on Bookdepository, both are there too. So I’m guessing it’ll be released somewhere in December? Anyway, really enjoyed the first book in this trilogy (series?) so I’m hoping to like this one too. 

Misconduct by Penelope Douglas // December 1st // I have mixed feelings about this one. When I was in a huge new adult-kick last year, I really enjoyed her books Bully, Until You and Rival. Now, I do think that as I have read more since then, I’d maybe enjoy them a little bit less now? So I’m kind of excited about this one because I did enjoy some of her other books, but I’m scared too that my tastes and opinions will have changed a lot. 

So those are the December 2015 releases I really want to read soon! I also want to read Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes but I wasn’t super excited about it as I wrote this post so I didn’t include it. But yes, do want to read Frozen Tides. 

Which December releases are you looking forward to?

December ’15 New Releases I’m Excited to Read

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