I am taking part in the Goodreads Award Challenge 2016!

So this is my announcement post. In 2016, I want to take part in the Goodreads Award Challenge Books of Amber is hosting!

Her explanation resonated so much with me. Every year, when it’s time to vote for the Goodreads Awards, I’m sitting there thinking: “Why haven’t I read any of these?” I’ll be lucky if I’ve read 4 or 5! How is that possible, when I do read quite a bit throughout one year? So in 2016, I’ll try and read more of the nominations and winners of 2015. I want to know why those books won. 

So how many am I aiming for? These are the tiers and categories I’ll be going for: 

  • Fantasy: Tier 2: 3-5 books.
    Fantasy is my favorite genre, so it’s shameful that I’ve read almost none of them. But a lot of these are sequels to series I haven’t started yet. 
  • Science Fiction: Tier 1: 1-2 books.
    I’m not a big science fiction fan, so I’ll be glad to read 1 or 2, so I can spread out my reading wings more!
  • Non-Fiction: Tier 2: 3-5 books.
    I really like the look of a lot of the nominees so I’m hoping to pick one of these up! 
  • YA Fantasy: Tier 2: 3-5 books.
    This is the category I have read the most books in I think. 
  • Historical Fiction: Tier 1: 1-2 books.
    I actually just read the winner of this category, and I loved it so much. So I really want to read more historical fiction, I always seem to forget about this genre. 
  • Fiction: Tier 1: 1-2 books.
    I want to read more adult fiction! 

So overall, I at least want to read 12 of them… That suddenly seems like a lot… 

Anyway, I’d highly recommend this challenge. Let’s all go over to the Books of Amber blog to join 😀

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3 thoughts on “I am taking part in the Goodreads Award Challenge 2016!”

  1. Great challenge! I also like to go back to the previous years’ Goodreads Choice winners to catch up on titles I haven’t read. I think the GR awards are more down-to-earth, as in the books that get nominated are usually more indicative of what the general public is reading and enjoying. Frankly, I’m more interested in that, rather than some of the more specialized awards.


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