Top Ten Tuesday: New-To Me Authors of 2015

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week I will make a list of 10 books, authors or other bookish things surrounding a certain topic. This week, I’m talking about my favorite new-to-me authors of 2015

Kristin Hannah // The Nightingale // I actually just read this last week, but it was such a beautiful read. I’ll definitely be reading more of her work soon.

Jojo Moyes // Me Before You // This book. It gives you every possible emotion while reading. I have yet to pick up the sequel, After You, but I’m hoping to do that soon as well.

Laini Taylor // Daughter of Smoke and Bone // I know, I’m so far behind on this author’s bandwagon… I only read Daughter of Smoke and Bone this year, and haven’t continued the series yet. But her writing was just, magical and lyrical. So gorgeous.

Amanda Hocking // Frostfire // I’ve mentioned this series quite a bit already, but I’ll continue to do so as I think it’s highly underrated. I loved it so much. I’ll be reading her Trylle trilogy soon because I’ve already bought a bind-up of them. 

Madeline Miller // The Song of Achilles // If there is one book I mention constantly, it’d be this one. I just can’t say enough good things about it. I cried so hard while reading this. Genuine sobbing, which doesn’t happen to me often. I’m so sad she hasn’t written any more books -aside from a short story. I don’t think she will either. 

Andy Weir // The Martian // I don’t read science fiction often. I don’t know why, but it has never been a genre I gravitate towards. This book however, I absolutely adored. I laughed so hard while reading! And it’s a story about a guy who’s been left of Mars, all alone. Yet it was hilarious, and captivating and even a bit educational. A definite recommend in my books (see what I did there?). 

Patrick Rothfuss // The Name of the Wind // This is quite the book. I will immediately say that this won’t be for everyone. It has quite particular characters, and the way the story is told isn’t conventional either. It’s the current-age-main-character explaining his life’s story to the Chronicler, from the moment he can remember onwards. So it may seem slow to many. But I really enjoyed this style! I still have to pick up the second one though. 

Rae Carson // The Girl of Fire and Thorns // This is one of my all-time favorite YA fantasies. It’s an incredible trilogy, that everyone should read. I will be picking up Rae Carson’s new book soon -hopefully- because I’m intrigued. What else can she create? 

Michael J. Sullivan // Theft of Swords // I can’t believe I only started reading his books in 2015. I genuinely thought I’d started earlier. In this year, I’ve read the 6 books (or 3 bind-ups) of the Riyria Revelations, and the 2 books in his Riyria Chronicles. He has become one of my favorite fantasy writers, and I’ll be picking up Death of Dulgath, book 3 in the Chronicles asap. 

Naomi Novik // Uprooted // Aaaah, Uprooted. How I love you. I was pleasantly surprised by this fantasy novel/retelling. Ever since, I’ve been wanting to read her other series as well, which I think is about dragons and the Napoleonic war? Sounds epic to me.

Those are my favorite new-to-me authors of 2015! Although maybe I’ll discover another in the next weeks. Who knows? Have you read any of their works? Which ones are your favorites? Let me know!

Top Ten Tuesday: New-To Me Authors of 2015

34 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: New-To Me Authors of 2015

  1. There are a lot of authors on here who I haven’t had the pleasure of reading their books yet! Though I do own a few and will get to them eventually.

    Laini Taylor is the only author I’ve read. Her Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy is so good!


  2. Great list! I really enjoyed Sullivan’s Riyria Revelations a few years ago and have the Riyria Chronicles sitting on my TBR pile waiting to be read–something to look forward to next year! I’ve also been meaning to re-read Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind as I have the second book sitting on my TBR pile (for years and years, but anyway :3). The Martian was such a great read, I only got around to reading it this year too 🙂

    My TTT


    1. Thank you! I really love both the Revelations series and the Chronicles so I hope you’ll enjoy the latter too! I still have to read Death of Dulgath though. I’ve had the second book to the Name of the Wind on my shelf for a few months as well. It’s just so intimidating…


  3. I’m definitely a crier when it comes to books, but The Song of Achilles was definitely my most intense cry of the year. Even my roommates cried over this book. I’m so sad that it doesn’t seem like she’s writing!


  4. Ooh, fab list! Jojo Moyes has become one of my favorite authors. Once I discovered her a couple of years ago, I ended up reading as many of her books as I could get my hands on. (I think I’m up to 6 or 7 by now). I need to read The Nightingale! I’ve been wanting to read Rothfuss too, but I’m trying to stick to a policy of not starting any more series until all volumes have been published — we’ll see if my will power holds out. 🙂 Uprooted is so amazing! I fell in love with this book. Now I need to go read her Temeraire series.


    1. Thank you! I haven’t read any other books by Jojo Moyes, but I’ve been eyeing them all. I so want to read more of her work. That’s a great policy though! I should stick to it too, then I wouldn’t be stuck waiting for the next book for 5 years… Me too! I want to read her Temeraire series as well.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Great list – most of which I was meant to read this year, but didn’t get around to! haha It’s good to know you and many others enjoyed them, though! More motivation to read them next year 😀 I hope you discover lots more wonderful books and authors in 2016! 😀


  6. I’m really pleased to read that you loved Me Before You. It’s certainly one of my favourite books of all time, so I’m always happy to read that people enjoyed it! 🙂 Uprooted is on my TBR! I’m glad to read that you enjoyed it!


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