A Roundup of My 2016 Challenges

I thought it would be easy for you all to see, if I made a post with all the challenges I’ll be taking part in for 2016. I’ve made separate announcement posts on 2 of them, but I’ve added another to the pile since. So here they are! 

backlist books
Backlist Books Challenge

I made an announcement post on this challenge, hosted by Pretty Deadly ReviewsYou can read anything, as long as it was published at least a year before the date you’re reading it. That speaks to me, because I have quite a lot of books on my shelves that fit this bill perfectly. I don’t want to take a TBR challenge really, because I do feel pressured by those. But with this challenge, I can both use my TBR and older books on my e-reader. I really like the idea of this one. 

goodreads award challenge
Goodreads Award Challenge hosted by Books of Amber

This was the first challenge I signed up for, at Books of Amber. When she described the idea for this challenge, I was like: YES, I FEEL THE SAME. Every year, I look forward to the Goodreads Awards, yet when the time comes I’ve barely read any of the nominations, even though they all look amazing. So this year, I’m trying to read several of the 2015 award winners/nominations. I made an announcement post on this too, where you can see how many I’m aiming to read from several genres. You can find that post right here

flights of fantasy 2016
Flights of Fantasy

So, I also decided to take part in the Flights of Fantasy challenge which is hosted by Alexa Loves Books and Hello, Chelly. I mostly read fantasy anyway, so this will be a fun challenge. I’m interested in seeing exactly how many fantasy books I’ll read in 2016! 

Of course,  I’ll also be taking part in the Goodreads Reading Challenge, as always. I’ll aim for 90 books, as I did this year, even though I’ve read about 140 already. I don’t know how busy the next year will be, so I don’t want to pressure myself. 


Are you taking part in any challenges? What do you think of these? 

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11 thoughts on “A Roundup of My 2016 Challenges”

  1. Best of luck with your challenges, Jolien! I’m going to be doing the personal Goodreads challenge goal, not sure what my goal will be, as I have a lot of school work coming up! I’m also participating in the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge – IT LOOKS SO FUN.


  2. I always go for the Goodreads reading challenge. I think I’ll set my reading goal at 100, as it’s taking me longer to read now I’m in my new job. My reading has slowed down considerably over the last three months. 🙂 I’m also taking on the British Books Challenge and Finishing The Series. I wish you lots of luck with your challenges!


  3. Hi there 🙂 I love this post, and I’m definitely going to be taking part in the Goodreads Reading Challenge. This is probably my third year in a row XD But I’m SO terrible at keeping up with my Goodreads – even simply adding the book, let alone writing a whole review for it. Hopefully I get better at it in 2016?? I set goals of about 100, even though I’ve probably read more than that, but dangit my Goodreads countr is still stuck at like 35 or something. Oh well, I’ll have to change my ways 😉

    And the Goodreads Award Challenge sounds great, I might be taking part.


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