Weekly Wrap Up | January #5

What I Read (2)

Rite of Revelation (Acceptance #2) by Sarah Negovetich // ★★★ // I read this sequel which I got from Netgalley, and I’ve already made a review on it. As you may have seen, I liked it enough, but had quite some problems with it too. 

#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso // ★★★★ // I found this book on sale in my local bookstore, for about €5. Definitely couldn’t pass that one up. I really liked it! It was very unconventional. It’s definitely not a memoir, and Sophie is not just your average person. I thought there was quite some interesting advice to find here, and I’ll write a full review on it soon. 

What I Watched (2)

This week I basically try to catch up/keep up with some of my favorite shows. I didn’t add any new ones to the mix, because I had 3 exams to study for. So I got caught up with the following shows: Agent Carter (I love this show so much!), The 100 (IT’S BACK), Elementary, Criminal Minds, Shadowhunters and The Shannara Chronicles (I’m unsure about this one, not really loving it). 

Oh, I lied. I did watch one new show, because the first episode just aired: Lucifer. I quite enjoyed the first episode so I’m curious to see more.

I also didn’t watch any movies! I barely had time to watch one episode at a time, so a movie was out of the question this week.

In Real Life (2)

I FINISHED MY EXAMS! Finally. I had three more in the past week, but that was the end. So what awaits me now is a week of terror/relaxation before the results are published. Oh, well. Normally, I have only one more semester to go. Isn’t that terrifying? Then, I’d have my master’s degree, and actually have to start looking for work. Normally. Worries for later though. 

I also went to my favorite bookstore (locally) which is right next door. Yes, I live above a bookstore… They had a 75% off sale on some books and I picked up 3: #GirlBoss, The Fell Sword by Miles Cameron and The Boy With the Porcelain Blade by Den Patrick

That’s really all that went on this week! Next week, I am going to Prague for a few days with my aunt, and I definitely want to make a post about that with pictures and so on.

That was my week! How was yours? What did you read or watch? Hope you have a great week to come!

Weekly Wrap Up | January #5

9 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up | January #5

  1. Congrats on finishing your exams! I remember that feeling of FREEEEEDOM 🙂

    And I’ve heard…not so great things about Shannara as well. I haven’t seen it, but apparently now I have to watch the first episodes for homework because my co-bloggers want to discuss it at a later date, lol.


    1. Thank you! 😀
      So far, I’ve kept watching the episodes, but in the last one I skipped like 10 whole minutes. I feel like it’s a bit of a “dumbed down” version of Tolkien? It is entertaining, and I don’t mind watching, but it’s nothing spectacular I think. I hope you’ll enjoy it though!


    1. Yes! They take so much energy and brain work. My brain is so tired after exams. Yes it is! It’s not a cheap bookstore at all, but it’s so beautiful. I think I’m going to ask them whether I can photograph their store and write a post on it. Thank you!


  2. Oh, I hope you’ll have a great time in Prague. Have you read Daughter of Smoke and Bone by any chance? That one takes place in Prague. I visited it once (like 10 years ago) and I’d really like to go again.

    I watched The Shannara Chronicles, too, it’s pretty cheesy and I don’t really love any of the main characters. Have you read the books? I haven’t.

    Oh, I tagged you for the One Lovely Blog Award (http://ofdragonsandhearts.com/2016/01/monster-tag-post/) – I don’t know whether you do tags or not but I really like your blog! 🙂


    1. Thank you! I read the first book, yes, and it made me even more excited to go to Prague! Actually, I think I read it a few weeks before booking the trip so maybe it guided my decision to book the trip?

      The Shannara Chronicles is indeed pretty cheesy. At first, I wanted to read it but I’ve heard it’s kind of a cheesy/more immature version of Tolkien’s work… I can actually see similarities in the series already. I don’t think I’ll be reading them to be honest.

      Thank you so much for the tag! Definitely checking it out 😀


  3. YAY! Congrats on surviving your exams 😀 I’m so not looking forward to mine *cries*. I really hope you enjoy Prague, it looks so beautiful there!


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