Weekly Wrap Up | February #1

what i read 80c8b0

the secret history

The Secret History by Donna Tartt // ★★★★★ // This book. I don’t even know what to say. It took me a while to read, firstly because I was on vacation for 3 days and secondly because this is not an easy book to read. In the beginning there are many Greek, Latin and French references and I have never been so happy to have a basic (very basic in the case of Greek) knowledge of all three. But it was such an amazing read.

what i watched 80c8b0

I’ve been keeping up with ElementaryAgent CarterLucifer, and The 100. I have also watched season 1 of Sons of Anarchy and a few episodes of Jessica Jones! I’m quite liking Jessica Jones, but I’m only on like episode 2…

in real life 80c8b0

Several good things happened this week!

First, I took a trip to Prague. Such a gorgeous city! I absolutely loved every minute of that trip (aside from the last hours, in which I was sick). I’ll have some posts up about my trip soon with pictures I took. It was honestly one of the most beautiful cities I have seen. 

Then, I got my grades. I PASSED ALL MY EXAMS! I am honestly so happy… I couldn’t have asked for better news. 

Lastly, Inge was kind enough to help me secure a ticket for the Harry Potter exhibition in Brussels this summer! I’m so excited to see the exhibition guys.

I had quite the week, and I’m glad of it. What did you read, watch or do this week? 


6 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up | February #1

  1. So lucky you got to visit Prague! I’d bet you had a great time 😊
    And I know what you mean about The Secret History, it’s the favourite book I read last year!


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