Prague Day 1 | Old Town

As you may or may not know, I took a trip to Prague with my aunt last week. We left on February 3rd and returned on the 6th. Prague had been on my list of cities to visit for a long time, and when I saw a deal on Travelbird, I had to book it. I promised to write some posts with pictures from my trip, so here they are.

Day 1 to me was February 4th, as we arrived very late on the 3rd and didn’t get to explore anything. We decided that for our first day, we would visit as much as we could in Prague’s Old Town. We took the tram to the municipal building, which is absolutely beautiful as well, and walked from there on. I’ll show you the main highlights in this post.


We walked down some beautiful streets, just like this one, to get from the municipal building to the Old Town Square. To me, Prague’s beauty isn’t just found in its monuments and attractions, but in every street. The houses are cute colors and well maintained, and so are the streets. This entire city is just very clean. I live in Brussels, and while I love the city, it’s not clean. The houses aren’t maintained or restored, and it loses a lot of beauty that way. Prague is the complete opposite.


Then we arrived at the Old Town Square. This “Galerie” is just one of the many beautiful buildings you can find there. On the right side, you can also sneak a peek at the Tyn Church, a gorgeous Gothic building. 


Another sight which can be found in the Old Town Square is the Town Hall Tower with the astronomical clock. I’m sorry for the less than great photo, it’s the best I could do. The astronomical clock chimes every hour, and the place is packed with tourists. (Like me). We did go in and up the actual Tower, which gives you an amazing sight of the square. 


This is one of the views from the top of the Tower. You can see the Tyn Church I mentioned before, a part of the square, and many of the beautifully colored buildings around.


Then, we walked to Josefov, the Jewish neighborhood of the city. In the Pinkas Synagogue, we were confronted with the following. The Pinkas Synagogue has been transformed into a memorial for the Jewish victims of the second world war. On the picture above, you can see names of concentration camps the Germans built. 

On the photo on the left, it states that the names of Czech and Moravian Jews, victims of Nazi genocide between 1939 and 1945, have been inscribed on the walls of the synagogue. On the left, you can see ONE PART of one of those walls. Standing there kind of made me feel sick. Of course I am aware of the mass amount of people who died in the war. But at that point, you are literally standing in a mass grave of about 80.000 people. And those are only the Czech and Moravian victims. It’s sickening.


After we saw Josefov, we walked to the Charles Bridge. I can’t tell you how beautiful the bridge is, let alone the sight it provides you. Above, you can see a picture I took while standing on the bridge.

After seeing the Charles Bridge, we walked to Wenceslaus Square. As it was raining a tiny bit by that time, I didn’t really take any pictures there to show you. Plus, one of the main buildings there is being restored, so all you could see of that is construction equipment. 

So that’s what we saw on the first day of our visit to Prague. Of course, I took many more pictures but I’ve selected the best of the day to show you all. What did we visit next? Guess you’ll have to wait to find out!

Prague Day 1 | Old Town

12 thoughts on “Prague Day 1 | Old Town

  1. Beautiful photos, Jolien! Prague really is a magical city. I’m looking forward to the rest of your pics.
    And yeah, all the WWII memorials are horrible but these concentration camps victims’ memorials are just awful. It’s hard to imagine that took place less than a century ago, it’s so far removed from our current climate. I really wish I could say that something like this won’t happen again in the future but human history does tend to repeat itself. 😦


    1. Thank you! I’ve never gotten to visit a concentration camp. I’ve been meaning to do that, especially Auschwitz. I said the same thing to my aunt! We put up memorials, have holidays related to the wars, and teach children all about the horrors of Hitler in school. Yet we don’t seem to have learned ANYTHING from it. Now, the war just isn’t in Central Europe anymore, so we feel like we can close our eyes to all the rest..


  2. Wow, gorgeous photos! My dad has always said Prague is his favorite European city – after seeing your photos, I can see why! It looks utterly beautiful. Hope you had a great time x


  3. I did Erasmus in Czech Republic and visited Prague an awful lot of times when I was there. This post makes me miss it terribly. As you say, there’s just no way you can compare it to Brussels.


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