Does My Mood Reading Affect the Format I Read In?

I have four formats I tend to read in: hard copies (either from my shelves or the library), audio books, using my e-reader or using the Kindle app

I have always known I am a mood reader. That’s the biggest reason I don’t make monthly TBR piles. I already know it won’t work and I’ll end up having read none of the books on my list. I’m trying to do seasonal TBRs because then I have about 3 months to read 10 book, and even that never works out. And I have learned to love that quality in myself. It’s how I keep reading fun, because I never know what I’ll pick up next -or which gem I’ll discover next. 

However, when I looked at my 2015 reading in my Excel sheet (yes, I do keep those) I noticed a trend. Several trends in fact. I went through periods of reading almost exclusively in one format. For example, in August 2015 I listened to several audio books in a row, while I hadn’t listened to any before. I didn’t read any physical copies in between or any digital copies either. Then I went through a phase of reading several books on my Kindle app. Again, I didn’t read any other formats during that phase. At the moment, I’m going through a hard copy phase. I don’t want to pick up a digital copy or listen to an audio book.

I never noticed this trend in my reading before. But I think it even gets to a point in which I won’t pick up a certain book because I don’t feel like reading said format. How can a format affect my reading so much? I do love all 4 formats I use. Yet sometimes, I can’t get myself to pick up a digital copy. I just want a physical one. 

If I’m not in the mood for a certain format, I usually can’t get myself to concentrate on it. For example, if I’m not in the mood for an audio book but force myself to listen to one, I discover after an hour that I haven’t retained anything from the story. At all. If I read a Kindle book when I’m not in the mood for it -like right now with A Gathering of Shadows- I can’t get myself to pick my tablet back up once I’ve put it down. I’ve been looking forward to A Gathering of Shadows for about a year, yet I can’t get myself to continue reading it. Just because it’s on my Kindle app, and I want to read a physical copy right now. 

Am I the only one this happens to? Is this some extreme form of mood reading? Am I going to end up buying a book in every format, just to be sure? No, that would be so incredibly expensive, seriously. 

So here is my question: are you a mood reader? Do you read in different formats? If you do, does it affect your reading?

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20 thoughts on “Does My Mood Reading Affect the Format I Read In?”

  1. I’m definitely a mood reader and, even though I only have two formats I usually read in (physical copy and e-reader) I’ve seen a bit of this happening to me. I tend to read e-books quicker than physical books and adding to that is the fact that I really am not fond of taking physical books to work with me during the week (ESPECIALLY some of those super heavy hardbacks!) so the format of the book does influence what I read.


  2. Interesting topic! I’m very much a mood reader. Sometimes it takes me awhile to decide what to read. What format I read in is more a case of what book I have in that format and where I’m going to be reading or listening.

    When I got my first digital reader five or six years ago I loved it so much I only read ebooks for four or five years. I simply couldn’t get myself to read a hard copy book…lol. It has only been a year or so since I’ve been reading some hard copy books again–either from the library or my own books. I still read most of my books on my Kindle.


  3. I read physical books, ebooks on my kindle, and I listen to audiobooks.
    I generally switch between the first two, I don’t really mind, except it’s easier to take the kindle with me when I travel or if the book I’m reading is super chunky. But I just HAVE to have certain books (like ADSOM+AGOS) in print format. Also, my husband doesn’t have/use a kindle, so if I’m fairly certain he’ll be reading the book as well, I buy the physical copy. I don’t usually mind which one I pick up. But I do like physical copies because of covers (I have a really old kindle that doesn’t display them) or maps.

    I used to listen to a lot more audiobooks but now that I have a kid, I can’t just plug in my headphones in the afternoon and listen to something, so this is probably my least-used format.

    I’m definitely a mood reader but it has more to do with the genre of the book than its format, but I can understand wanting to hold a physical copy versus clicking through on an electronic device! 🙂


  4. I only read physical copies and ebooks, but I just always prefer physical copies, haha! If I can get my hands on a physical copy, I’ll always read that one instead of the ebook, so the mood format reading doesn’t really apply to me. I get it though, because I’m a huge mood reader as well, when it comes to stories. No monthly TBRs for me! More like yearly. 😀


  5. I only either read books in physical format or as an ebook and I totally agree that if I’m in the mood for reading a physical copy and then I read ebook I might not enjoy the book as much. I hadn’t actually thought of this before but after reading your post I realised I’m exactly the same!


  6. I’ve never thought about this before, but I do think my mood can influence what format I’m reading in…but I think other factors in my life can too. I listen to way more audio books in the summer when I’m more likely to go for runs or long walks. If I’m taking the subway a lot, my reading moves to the kindle app on my phone. Right now I’m reading a lot of hardcover books …not sure what that says about my mood!


  7. oh my word. I just got chills. We’re so similar! I’m like that too but recently I’m a mess. I’m almost finished with the winner’s curse and currently reading a gathering of shadows but I stopped because I’m not really in the mood. It sucks because I loved the first book so much and was so excited to read this one but for some reason my heads just not in it. I’m also listening to All the boys I’ve loved before. I’m like 3 hours in but the narration is very good so I hope to continue and finish it soon 😀


    1. I get that all the time! If you’re not feeling like it, never force yourself to read a book. You might end up disliking it, just because you read it at the wrong time. Glad to hear you’re liking the audio! I did read the first one, but never continued with P.S. I Still Love You. I tried to read that one, but for some reason, couldn’t (even though it was such an anticipated release for me).

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  8. I am totally a mood reader, and sometimes it affects my formats as well. I’ll usually grab my ereader if I am feeling a bit off and don’t want to sit upright when reading. I don’t know how other book ninjas do it, but I can’t hold a paperback or hardback when lying down.


  9. omg totally! This post is great, because I’ve noticed myself doing the exact same thing. I have Glass Sword on my kindle rn and I don’t want to pick it up because of the digital format. I want to read a physical book so I picked up HP. I think this is completely normal 🙂

    Jumana @ Books by Jay


  10. I’m definitely a mood reader. I quite like having a big TBR because it lets me go where I feel like at the time. I’m trying not to get too big a netgalley list so I don’t feel backed into a corner where I have to read something when I’m not in the mood so won’t give it due consideration.

    But I’ve never thought about format. I might have to pay more attention – I mostly pick format for convenience (increasingly favouring kindle app on phone), but… I’ll consider this a challenge. I’ve got a couple of currents reads in all 3 of my formats (app, ereader, physical) so I might swap about and see what happens 🙂


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