Top Ten Tuesday: My Favorite BookTubers

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week I will make a list of 10 books, authors or other bookish things surrounding a certain topic. Today, the topic is “Ten Bookish People You Should Follow On Twitter / Instagram / Youtube / Snapchat / Facebook”. I chose YouTube because I do read book book blogs and watch bookish YouTube videos. I really enjoy both platforms! So here we go. The channel names have links to the channels, so you don’t have to search for them.

REGAN – Peruse Project

I’ve followed Regan’s YouTube channel for years now. I think I started watching her videos when she had about 200-300 subscribers and I’ve stuck with her during all that time. That’s saying a lot actually because I don’t watch many of the BookTubers I first watched. She reads mostly fantasy and historical fiction.

LINDSEY – Lindsey Rey

I always watch Lindsey’s videos! I’ve actually gotten quite a lot of recommendations from her videos. She does weekly wrap ups too, and I was actually inspired by her when I started making mine weekly instead of monthly. She reads a lot of fantasy, mystery novels and even memoirs at times. She always sounds so excited about the books she enjoyed, and I find her explanations and wrap ups really clear and intriguing. 

SAM(ANTHA) – Novels and Nonsense

Sam’s channel is a more “recent” discovery, as I discovered her videos last year. She mostly reads fantasy -and we have the same reading tastes. I decided to start Robin Hobb’s books because she loved them so much. Again, she’s one of the reasons my to-read list is ever growing.

SAMANTHA – Thoughts on Tomes

Again, Samantha’s Thoughts on Tomes channels is a more recent find for me (by recent I mean in 2015). She reads fantasy, historical fiction, contemporary and so on. I actually think she reads quite a lot of genres. She’s also going to be the new host of Top 5 Wednesday! 

KATIE – Katie Books

Katie reads mostly new adult, or contemporaries in general. I like a new adult or contemporary book now and then, because sometimes I’m just in the mood for some romance novels! I’ve gotten quite some recommendations from her videos.

APRIL – Aprilius Maximus

Like Regan, April is one of my favorite BookTubers, ever since I found her channel a few years ago. I just really like her videos! She seems like such a nice person, and I love her energy. She reads a lot of different genres, like fantasy, paranormal, contemporaries and memoirs.

PAUL – Common Touch of Fantasy

I haven’t been following Paul’s channel for that long, but it’s definitely a great channel to watch if you love fantasy! He has been adding books to my to-read list ever since I started watching his videos. I also really enjoy his reviews, they’re often well-spoken and interesting. 

CONNOR – Connor O’Brien

I’ve been watching Connor’s videos for quite a long time, I think. He’s one of my all-time favorite BookTubers (duh, he’s on this list). But if I could only watch like 5, he’d be one of them. He reads mostly fantasy, but I love the fact that he reads middle grade, YA and adult fantasy alike. It’s really great as you get recommendations for all ages! And he has the CUTEST DOG! He also made a playlist of male BookTubers, because there aren’t as many male BookTubers as female ones. I think the same kind of goes for book bloggers, no? 

HOPE – Hope Ortego

I’ve been really loving Hope’s channel lately. I  think she just seems so incredibly nice! She also reads quite a few genres, like romance, paranormal, fantasy and so on. She just seems very relatable to me!


I discovered this channel in 2015 as well, but I love her videos. Again, she reads mostly fantasy, and I get a ton of recommendations from her! I actually subscribed to her when I watched one of her wrap up videos and she mentioned reading and loving The Death of Dulgath by Michael J. Sullivan. I love anyone who loves Sullivan’s books.

Other great channels: The Reading Rhodes, PeaceLoveBooksxo, Problems of a Book Nerd, Riley Marie, Squibblesreads

So those are some of my favorite BookTubers! Do you watch any of their videos? What are your favorite channels? I’d love to hear about it!


30 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: My Favorite BookTubers

  1. I know I’m late to respond, but I’m all about Reagan as a favorite BookTuber. She’s probably my #2 favorite BookTuber overall, but #1 when it comes to reviewing recent books. My favorite is Ashley at Climb the Stacks ( but she has a more education/analytic aspect to books and genres. Great list–I’ll have to check out the rest of these BookTubers!


  2. Great picks this week. This weeks topic has to be one of my all time favourites, I have managed to find some brilliant bookish people to follow. Thank you for your great recommendations, quite a few of these are new to me and I am excited to check them out – especially since I have been trying to find new booktubers that I can follow!!! 🙂 You can see my picks here.


  3. Wow, now I have so many new vloggers to check out! I always love getting new recommendations. Have you ever watched Little Book Owl? I think she’s awesome 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love love Regan, Thoughts on Tomes and April. I don’t watch the rest so thank you for introducing me to new booktubers! I love this community♥ great post!

    Jumana @ Books by Jay


  5. I haven’t watched a ton of booktubers so this list will be where I start! Thanks, I look forward to checking some of these out. 🙂


  6. I picked the same topic, but the only one we share is Regan. I love her, she’s one of the first booktubers I subscribed to. I’ve watched a few more of these though, particularly Thoughts on Tomes. I don’t know why I haven’t subscribed to her yet, I think I’ll go do that right now. Great list, I’ll be sure to check out the ones I haven’t seen yet.


  7. I haven’t really got involved with Booktubing etc before, so all of these are new to me! I’m going to check some out… (Like I need more things to procrastinate with! :P)


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