Top Ten Tuesday: These Are A Few of My Favorite (Online) Things

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week I will make a list of 10 books, authors or other bookish things surrounding a certain topic. Today, the topic is “Ten Websites I Love That Aren’t About Books”. 



yoga with adriene

Yoga With Adriene is one of my favorite YouTube channels. It has been for quite a while. Not only is Adriene really down to earth, she’s also a very calming and relaxing person. I never feel weird or ridiculous while doing her yoga practice wit her. Instead, I feel encouraged and calm. She has practices for absolutely everything: really lengthy ones for a full class, relaxing ones, power yoga, yoga for anxiety, yoga for stress, and even yoga for hangovers & PMS. I’m not kidding. No matter what you need that day, this woman’s got you covered. 


If I’m feeling like doing a workout that’s more intense, Cody is one of my favorite places. You pay for the workout plan or bundle you want. You only pay once, and then you get access to the plan for the rest of your life. I have purchased the Yoga Strength for Beginners bundle (which has two workouts plans), the Barre Sculpt plan and the Two\B Fit HIIT plan. I’m really happy with these, they’re such good but intense workouts. 



minimalist baker.png

Lately, I have been trying to incorporate more plant-based food into my life. I’ve been trying to make most of my meals plant-based, actually. This food blog, The Minimalist Baker, is SO AMAZING! I definitely want to try out all of the recipes at some point. She has so many amazing-looking recipes, it’s insane. I especially want to try her Vegan Cheesecake, Spaghetti Squash Lasagna Bake, Grillable Veggie Burgers and the Vegan Falafels


chocolate covered katie.png

Okay, this blog guys. Unlike the name, Chocolate Covered Katie, suggests, the recipes on this blog are actually healthy. Yet you can still eat dessert for breakfast and be healthy. I have tried her Unbaked Raw Vegan Brownies, and I swear I’m in love. THEY WERE SO GOOD. Some other recipes I want to try: Spaghetti Squash Parmigiana, Sweet Potato Chili and Nacho Cheese Hummus (vegan). 


Brianna’s YouTube channel is a true inspiration to me. She’s vegan, and eats mostly raw. I definitely don’t, but I just find her meals so inspirational! She’s so creative with her dinners, it’s insane. She inspires me to try and be more creative with my food.


Brittany is one of my favorite vegan YouTubers I’ve found so far. Her meals are really simple, yet look utterly delicious. But what I appreciate most of all is her attitude towards veganism. She doesn’t follow 1 strict plan, like Raw Till 4 or Starch Solution. She eats what she feels like eating at the moment, yet still vegan. She encourages trying out different vegan lifestyles to see what suits your body best. And her What I Eat In A Day videos always make me hungry. 

Other YouTube Foodies I absolutely LOVE: The Domestic Geek, Laura in the Kitchen, Apples and Amandas, Stephs Plate (and a million more). 



Anna is one of my favorite bloggers and YouTubers ever. Not only do I love her beauty posts, but she does fashion posts with a capsule wardrobe, fitness posts and healthy food posts too. Her whole life is an inspiration. Plus, she seems genuinely kind. 


If you have any skincare questions or issues, Caroline’s blog is the place to be. Not only is she a skincare goddess, I find her to be hilarious as well. Just watch her weekly vlogs, honestly. She’s great. 


rachel talbott

I love Rachel’s YouTube channel. She has many lifestyle, beauty and DIY videos. She’s another person whose videos make me feel relaxed, calm and informed. Honestly, she’s a great YouTuber. I’d love to be more like her. 


Cambria inspires me fitness-wise. She’s a person who has been on a journey to be healthy for a long time. She works out a lot, and genuinely enjoys working out. She always seems so positive and happy -it makes me happy in turn. She is quite religious, and talks about it too in her videos, but even though I am definitely not religious, it doesn’t bother me really. It’s where she gets her strength and belief from. Mine just comes from a different place, I guess. 

Other people who inspire me all the time: Estée Lalonde, and Alex Good.

I feel like this post is not only about websites I enjoy, but a sneak peek into who I am as well. Do you follow any of these websites/channels and/or people? Let me know! What was your TTT about? 

Top Ten Tuesday: These Are A Few of My Favorite (Online) Things

22 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: These Are A Few of My Favorite (Online) Things

  1. I definitely need to check out Yoga With Adriene, I’ve never heard of that youtube channel. I love Minimalist Baker! Actually, I just bought the cookbook, so maybe it counts as a bookish site for me now haha. You should check out Hot For Food on youtube, it’s run by a Lauren and John, a Canadian vegan couple. They’re so chill and relatable!


  2. Thanks for sharing! I love Yoga With Adriene too – I used to do some of her videos before bed because they were just super relaxing, and it really put me into a good headspace. Also I’ll be checking out The Minimalist Baker. I’m not vegan but I’m always up for more plant-based recipes. 🙂

    Here’s my TTT.


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