Weekly Wrap Up | June #3

what i read 80c8b0

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (Inheritance #1) by N.K. Jemisin // ★★★★★ // I’ve been wanting to read an N.K. Jemisin book forever. She’s pretty well known in the fantasy-reading-writing community. I had found one of her books on sale and brought it home with me, but it ended up being the second book in this series. So I purchased the first book a little while ago, and finally read it. I loved it so much. I was also surprised to see that this is more a companion series? The second book follows different main characters, yet is set after the first one. I’ll write a review on it as soon as I’m able to!

Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet by Charlie N. Holmberg // ★★★★ // I was so intrigued by this book. I’ve already enjoyed 3 other books by this author -and this one is about a girl who makes magic cakes. I mean, hello? Who doesn’t want that in their lives? I ended up really liking it, although it was a tad different than I expected. I actually managed to write a review on it already, which you can find here

what i watched 80c8b0


Cinderella // ★★★ // I’ve been wanting to watch this ever since it came out! I mean, it’s Disney. Even non-animated, of course I wanted to see it. So I saw it on Netflix this week and figured, why not? I didn’t end up liking it as much I as wanted to. I love Richard Madden. Yet I didn’t love Lily James, who plays the role of Cinderella. There was just something I found awkward about her performance? Like it was forced… 

Food Matters // ★★★★ // I’ve been trying to educate myself more on nutrition in the past few months. I’ve read The China Study, which I thought was really interesting! I saw this documentary of Netflix, and figured I should give it a go too. I was actually surprised by how interested I was in the film. It’s a good starter for anyone who wishes to learn about nutrition and health. 


true blood tv

I’ve been re-watching a lot of True Blood! I watched seasons 2,3 and 4 -and am now working on season 5. I used to love this show a lot, but my love for it diminished by season 5, and I never ended up finishing the series. I felt this urge to watch it again though. Not sure why? But I decided to follow the urge. I’m on season 5 now, and again, I love it less. Probably because I’m not that interested in the whole Authority plot line that becomes so prevalent here. But I think I’ll stick with it this time, because I want to finish the series.

in real life 80c8b0

Again, not that much to say here. I’ve done 2 more exams. 1 more to go on Tuesday, and I’m done! Then I’ll have to wait in fear for my results. 

The only thing that has happened to me these past two weeks during the exams is rage, and a feeling of injustice. I’ve always been of the mindset: if I didn’t do well on an exam, I didn’t study enough. The blame is on me. Yet 3 out of the 5 exams I have made so far, have been so incredibly unfair. No matter how well you study… 

For example, the first of those 3. The exam counted for 80 points. 20 of those were on the last question. For this exam, you had to study the scientific articles provided, the slides she used to teach, and your notes from class. Which I did. I read and studied everything, even the 15 or so articles and their authors -which took a long time. The last question was: “According to Prof. Grant, EQ is overrated. Please explain”. I am sitting there: who the hell is Grant? Not in one article or slide was he mentioned! I was so confused. Well, apparently she had put a link to a blog post somewhere in a slide. She hadn’t even talked about it in class. That’s what she asked. The blog post. On 20 points. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 

Or for example, Friday’s exam. It was an open book exam, but of course I prepared beforehand. I brought my notes, a summary and all the slides and articles. The first question was “what is nonproductive entrepreneurship, and does it benefit society?”. And I am thinking: hmm, that term does not sound familiar. So I look through every single slide, and it’s not on there. That took me 20 minutes. So I decided to make up an answer -I didn’t know it, and it was on 4 out of the 20 points. Better guess than have nothing, right? So apparently, he had posted two versions of the slideshows in pdf format: one with 3 slides per page, and one with 1 slide per page. It said “the content does not differ”. So I only printed the 3/page. Apparently, the answer WAS on the 1/page slides, but WASN’T on the 3/page. SERIOUSLY. No one is going to print two versions of the slides, if the professor says the are the SAME FUCKING SLIDES.

Anyway, the better correct mildly. Otherwise, I expect a lot of students will complain. Rant is over. 

What did you do, read, and/or watch this week? I hope you had a great one, and an even better one to come!

Weekly Wrap Up | June #3

6 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up | June #3

  1. Ugh that’s so frustrating about the exams!! I remember in my physics exam there was a question that I had no idea how to answer as there had only been a brief explanation of what a pendulum was in my textbook (literally two sentences) and in the exam paper I was supposed to use formulas to calculate stuff involving a pendulum which was never in my textbook – so annoying! I’m getting my results for my exams in August and I’m so terrified. I always think I’ve failed even though I’ve never failed anything in my life but there’s a first time for everything. *flops*

    And ooh! The books you read look really good! I’ve been wanting to read more fantasy so I will definitely look those up! 🙂


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