Make Me Read It Read-a-thon Wrap Up

So I participated in the #MakeMeRead read-a-thon this week, hosted by Ely and Michelle @ Tea and Titles, and Val @ Innocent Smiley. I had a lot of fun during this read-a-thon, though I may not have read what I had planned exactly.


I should have read these 3 books, in that particular order. Yet I didn’t. I’ll go over what I read though. 


The Queen of the Tearling (Queen of the Tearling #1) by Erika Johansen // 629 pages // ★★★★.5 // I did start off the read-a-thon by reading the book most people voted for, The Queen of the Tearling! I absolutely loved this one, guys! At first, I was a bit hesitant. During the first like 25% of the book, it was mentioned at least 10 times how plain Kelsea looks. How no one would be interested in her because of that. So I was afraid it would become that kind of book. But afterwards, this part got completely pushed out as Kelsea grew. She became such a strong and smart woman! 

I don’t know if you know this, but the Fantasy Favourites read-a-thon overlapped with this one. So after The Queen of the Tearling, I didn’t feel like I could immediately pick up Royal Assassin, another heavy fantasy book. So I decided to re-read the Percy Jackson series first. 

The Lightning Thief (PJO #1) by Rick Riordan // 375 pages // ★★★★★ // I hadn’t re-read these books for YEARS. I can’t believe I waited so long to read them again, because they are just so nostalgic and great. They make me laugh, smile and feel all the feels. Percy is pretty much the best character to read from, because his wit is just great.

The Sea of Monsters (PJO #2) by Rick Riordan // 279 pages // ★★★★.5 // This is my least favorite book in the series. Always has been. I guess partly because it’s so short? One really positive side though? TYSON.

The Titan’s Curse (PJO #3) by Rick Riordan // 312 pages // ★★★★★ // This book introduces even more characters, which makes me so happy. You get to meet Bianca and Nico, the Hunters -and some not so nice people. It also includes more Titans than just the giant scary one.

The Battle of the Labyrinth (PJO #4) by Rick Riordan // 361 pages // ★★★★★ // Again, more amazing characters are introduced. Like Briares. I can’t help but picture how he looks when he is swimming, or throwing rocks. Hundred hands helping you swim? I mean, that must be fast…

The Last Olympian (PJO #5) by Rick Riordan // 381 pages // ★★★★★ // This book is one giant battle. Which is partly why I love it! A lot of times, the build-up to a fight or war is much greater than the event itself. Like the battle in the Heroes of Olympus series. Yet here, the battle is really described.

I also read 72 pages of Royal Assassin (Farseer #2) by Robin Hobb, the second most voted for book. I know, it’s not a lot. I’m sorry. I am still reading it however, so I’m hoping to finish it soon.


So I didn’t read everything I had planned… But 6 books, and 2409 pages, in one week isn’t bad right?

Make Me Read It Read-a-thon Wrap Up

20 thoughts on “Make Me Read It Read-a-thon Wrap Up

  1. I haven’t read any of the Percy Jackson books. For some reason, they’ve never particularly appealed to me. But I see them getting reviewed everywhere and I’m getting tempted to try the first one!


  2. I’ve heard mixed things about The Queen of the Tearling, so I’m really glad to hear that you enjoyed it! You may not have read what you initially set out to, but it looks like you absolutely slayed the readathon in terms of sheer numbers. Great job, Jolien!


  3. Congrats on reading so much! That’s amazing!! I never stick to TBR lists either (I’m too much of a mood reader) but I do love making them! Glad the readathon was a success 🙂


  4. Don’t worry—I read books that weren’t on my voting list either. Besides, Inge, Olivia and Aly’s event is so much fun! I wish I could’ve read some Percy Jackson myself, but I’m missing the last book (the only one I haven’t read). Thanks for participating, Jolien 🙂


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