How To Describe Me in 5 characters

A while ago, I saw Lyn’s post on Great Imaginations, where she describes herself in 5 characters. I absolutely loved it, and asked her whether I could use the topic and  create my own version. She was lovely enough to agree, so here I am, months later getting ready to describe myself in 5 characters. Here we go! 


the hobbit

Bilbo from The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien // It’s never explicitly stated that Bilbo is an introvert. I think I will rephrase this quality as “an introvert with a dream for a big adventure“. Bilbo prefers to stay home, with his books, his food and his comforts of home. He prefers that to going to parties or socializing (except for his big birthday at the beginning of the Lord of the Rings). That’s me. I like a party, but doing too many socializing things makes me so utterly tired. I need to charge my batteries by being alone. 

love of fiction

the queen of the tearling

Kelsea from The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen // Kelsea loves to read, and she does her best to save the book collection she grew up with and bring it to the castle. This book is like a mix of dystopian and fantasy and plays out after The Crossing. After the Crossing, they lost their scientists and thus science-abilities, and their ability to print books. So Kelsea treasures what is left, especially works from Rowling and Tolkien. Sounds familiar, right? 


the lord of the rings

Sam from The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien // If there is one underrated person in this whole story, it’s Samwise. Without him, Frodo would have never reached Mordor! He’s so loyal to his master, he will follow him everywhere not matter the danger, or how scared he is, or how much he disagrees with the path. It’s true loyalty to try and help Frodo, even if he doesn’t seem to want it. To always be there for someone. I think that’s how I am with my closest friends. I’m a Hufflepuff after all, we’re all loyal friends.

love for learning

harry potter and the philosopher's stone

Hermione from Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling // I may seem like I have lost my love for learning in the past year at university. But I’ve always enjoyed learning more about the concepts I’m interested in. I loved going to the sales, marketing, HR and management classes and didn’t mind studying them by the time exams come around. I don’t really get her level of grades, but I still do love to learn. I’m also very much interested in always learning, even after graduation. I want to add more skills to my repertoire!


written in red

Meg from The Others by Anne Bishop // Because Meg grew up well, very restricted, she doesn’t know how to live and survive on her own. She’s smart though, and figuring it all out. She managed to take trains and run to the Lakeside Courtyard, and get herself a job there. I love how she doesn’t get mad for not knowing how to do certain things we all take for granted. Like, how do you make coffee? What’s a chick flick? She has no idea. But she doesn’t get angry. Instead, she keeps trying until she figures it out. Maybe she won’t succeed all the time. That’s okay, you put it aside for a second, clear your mind, and try again. That’s how I am with things I’m passionate about.

If you know me, do you agree with my choices? And which characters do you think describe you? 

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8 thoughts on “How To Describe Me in 5 characters”

  1. I love this! I definitely share Bilbo’s introversion and Hermione’s love for learning. I think I might also have a bit of Luna’s quirkiness in there 🙂


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