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In the beginning of June, I saw an amazing post on Anne’s blog, Books, Baking and BloggingShe ranked the Harry Potter books, from her favorite one to her least favorite one. Disclaimer: before any of you get horrified, my least favorite Harry Potter, is still one of my favorite books ever. In the Harry Potter series though, I happen to love the others more. I asked her whether I could create such a post as well, and she said it was no problem. So here we are. I’m about to do the most difficult thing ever: rank Harry Potter.


I think the final book is my absolute favorite one. Not just because you can finally see all the threads of the story connect, but because of the growth of the characters. My babies have gotten so mature, smart, kind and strong people -and I adore it. I also love that the other side characters (Neville, Ginny and Luna especially) have their own story arc separate from Harry. We may not get to read it all directly, but we do know how strong they are on their own, how smart, independent and good people they’ve become.


I’ve always had a soft spot for this one, mainly because I loved reading about the tournament. But also because I had never even thought of the other wizarding schools all over the world before reading this one for the first time! Which is a shame, because I’m not from the UK. I should’ve thought about where Belgian wizards and witches get to go. This is also the first time that Harry has to deal with a break in his solid friendship with Ron. It’s about jealousy, forgiveness -and everything that comes with being a teenager.


It took me a while to truly appreciate this one. When I was young, this was one of my least favorite books in the series. I don’t really know why, so I can’t explain it, but I felt like not that much exciting wizarding stuff happens here. Now, I can appreciate it much more. This book is the true start of Harry’s “substitute” family. Lupin, Black, Granger, Weasley, Hagrid. They’re all part of his family now, but this book creates the foundation for the love and support Harry will get later on. 


I do love this one, trust me. This is where the true backstory and explanation starts, where we delve deeper into Voldemort’s life. It will always be interesting to me. But because it is a lot of backstory, the action is left for the end-part of the book. 


This book is really interesting, because for the first time the Wizarding World doesn’t back Harry up. They don’t believe in him. And that influences his life greatly. Combined with a teenage Harry who is growing up… Don’t kill me, but Harry is a bit whiny and rude to his friends in this one. I completely understand why, don’t get me wrong. I’d be the same. But it does affect the reading experience. 


I do love this one because it introduces us to the Wizarding World for the first time. It will always hold a special place in my heart for that. And you get to learn more about the world alongside Harry. But because it is the first one, the story is just starting. The following books have much more complexity and character development.


Yes, this is my least favorite one. Always has been. I have no idea why, to be honest. I can’t really explain it…

So here we are, I did it! I ranked Harry Potter from my most favorite book, to my least favorite one. Like I said, please don’t kill me, I absolutely adore all of them. It’s still -and always will be- (one of) my favorite series.

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11 thoughts on “Ranking Harry Potter”

  1. I think I have the same order in which I would rank them as you. Deathly Hallows has to be number 1 as everything comes together perfectly! Chamber of Secrets is my least favourite too, maybe because of the films I think. Philosopher’s Stone is nostalgic, while Prisoner of Azkaban is a bit more adult, Chamber of Secrets is caught in-between…


  2. It’s hard to rank them. Though I have to say that the first few are my least favorite, mostly because I read these books when I was a lot older and I had an easier time to connect with the characters when they were older. 🙂 I love the Half-Blood Prince for the backstory.


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