Visiting Brussels? Recommendations from a student #1

As you may or may not know, I went to university in Brussels for 4 years. I lived in a student room/apartment in the city for 3 of those years. On Tuesday, I went back to hand in my keys. An official end to my life as a student in Brussels. I was thinking of how much I’m going to miss the city, how much I’ve grown to love it. So I decided to make some recommendation posts of places you should go to in Brussels! 

Today’s topic? FOOD!


You’re walking around in Brussels doing some sightseeing, and suddenly feel immensely tired. Jetlag? Didn’t sleep well? I’ve got the answer. You need a great coffee! I’d recommend the following places.

Café Capitale // Rue du Midi 45 // TripAdvisor // They actually have several locations in the city, so you might want to look them up to find one near your location. I’ve always gone to the Zuidstraat/Rue du Midi one though. I love the relaxed vibe in the place, the coffee is great and not too expensive, and you get them served in adorable blue cups. If you’re interested, I found a blog post that has some pictures of the place -and the coffee. I loved to come here to write blog posts, and drink some coffee or fresh mint tea. 

JAT’ // Rue de Namur 28 // TripAdvisor // Another great place I discovered when trying to find ways to improve my productivity levels. I find that I work better in coffee shops, as there is a sense of urgency. JAT’ not only has great coffee, but amazing fresh juices and bagels too. Plus, the location is absolutely gorgeous. Walk to this place. It’s definitely worth the view while you walk. Here is another blog post (from a different blog this time) with gorgeous pictures of the place.


Peck 47 // Rue du Marché aux Poulets 47 // TripAdvisor // I love this place. It’s so cozy, nice and the food is great. I’d recommend the eggs benedict, they’re delicious. The juices are worth trying too. Not a bad place to recover from a night out either. Just saying… Here’s another blog post from S Marks the Spot, to show you the beautiful brunch place.

EXKI // I can’t provide you with a location to go to because EXKI is all over the city. There are so many locations. The food is really nice, and it’s great when you don’t have much time. They have warm and cold, and healthy options as well. Plus, great cake. I tried a chocolate cake once that was to die for.

While on the topic of chain-places like EXKI, I’d also recommend Le Pain Quotidien. They have locations in multiple countries so it’s not just specific to Brussels though.


The best meal of the day. Let’s be real. I’ve got some amazing places I absolutely adore, and then I’ll give you some places that come highly recommended by my friends as well.


I love Italian food, and I have three incredible places to recommend to you. 

Pasta Divina // Rue de la Montagne 16 // TripAdvisor // This is one of my favorite places. I actually went there with my friends to celebrate my 20th birthday. The amazing thing about this place is that you can choose to create your own dish: there are many types of pasta to choose from and many sauces. You can choose the type of pasta you prefer, and then select a sauce to go with it. I believe this is a family owned restaurant! I’d recommend the tomato sauce with ricotta. I know it sounds way too simple to order in a restaurant but it is honestly SO GOOD it makes me want to cry.

Ricotta & Parmesan // Rue de l’Ecuyer 31 // TripAdvisor // I walked by this restaurant many times, yet never went in. It just looked quite expensive? But I was pleasantly surprised to discover it wasn’t! Food is never cheap in Brussels, but this was really nice. I had a pizza, and some rosé wine. Both were incredible.

I Primi Piatti // Rue de Flandre 26 // TripAdvisor // I have to admit it’s been a while since I’ve been here. Maybe 2 years? But I remember absolutely loving it. I had a great time there, and at the end received free limoncello shots. 


Makisu // sushi // Rue de Flandre 6 // TripAdvisor // The TripAdvisor link shows the second Makisu location in Brussels, but I’ve only been to the Rue de Flandre one. Warning: there are always a lot of people here. But don’t let the queue discourage you because service is very fast. This is an amazing sushi restaurant. First of all, the sushi is great. Second of all, it’s not expensive at all! My favorite is the dragon roll. Damn, now I really want some. If there’s no space to eat inside, which is likely, and the weather is nice I’d recommend eating on the Place St. Catherine! Beautiful place. 

Tapas Locas // Spanish: tapas // Rue du Marche au Charbon 74 // TripAdvisor // Not only is the food here amazing, I find the restaurant itself so cozy. It’s an amazing atmosphere, with great food. I’d recommend the patatas bravas and the sangria! 

Publico // Belgian, French, Mediterranean // Rue des Chartreux 32 // TripAdvisor // If you want to try some Belgian food, I’d definitely recommend this place. I had the vol-au-vent, and it was utterly delicious. All of my friends said their food was great as well. 

Cheese Cake Café // European // Place de Brouckère 8 // TripAdvisor // While I wouldn’t call this necessarily European, it does serve some great Belgian food like vol-au-vent. But they also have amazing burgers, pittas, pizzas and pastas. They have 2 other restaurants owned by the same people, the most famous one being Drug Opera. Lots of tourists take pictures of the building (it’s bright yellow).

If you want a fast dinner, WokUP have quite nice dishes too! I’ve also been in Scheltema, and although it’s great -it’s quite expensive too. 

Here are some recommendations from my friends! I’ve heard great things about these places, but I’ve never been myself. Ellis Burgers and Balls & Glory. 

Visiting Brussels? Recommendations from a student #1

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