Weekly Wrap Up | September #3

what i read 80c8b0

Frisk Me (New York’s Finest #1) by Lauren Layne // ★★★★ // I’d read a great review of this one on someone’s blog (I’m so sorry but I’ve forgotten which one) and decided to check it out. It’s about a cop, Luca, who saved a little girl by diving into the river from the bridge. Someone caught it on camera, and now he’s probably one of the most famous cops ever. So they get Ava Sims, a journalist, to make a 3-hour special about him (which neither of them wants to do). I really liked this! I loved the Italian family vibes, the sparks and romance. I don’t agree with what Ava did. I think it’s a horrible thing to do.

Steal Me (New York’s Finest #2) by Lauren Layne // ★★★.5 // I’m torn on this one. I love Maggie because she is hard working, has learned to stand up for herself, eats cake for dinner and wants to be a writer. She’s down-to-earth and nice. And I do like Anth at times. But he was often rude too which is never okay in my book. But then we have the amazing family aspect as well, and the creepy stalker/burglar thing going on. So I’m torn. 

Cuff Me (New York’s Finest #3) by Lauren Layne // ★★★.5 // While I did like this one, and loved the characters, I didn’t love it as much as Frisk Me. Mostly because I think that these people should work their shit out. It’s been 6 years. And how can you be engaged to someone you met 3 months ago?? I don’t get it. But I did like how good they were for each other, how they made the other try. 

Only With You (The Best Mistake #1) by Lauren Layne // ★★★★ // I really liked this one, just like I did Frisk Me. I love how different Sophie and Gray are. I love that she’s relatable, because she hasn’t figured out what she wants out of life. I’m sad to see a family like Sophie’s, because I loved the warmth of the Moretti family in the above trilogy. Again, I couldn’t give this 5 stars because I do think Gray acted like an ass at times. Not okay, people! But overall, I did enjoy this read. 

Made For You (The Best Mistake #2) by Lauren Layne // ★★★ // This was my least favorite of the 6 books by Lauren Layne I’ve read. I wanted to give it 3 stars because I was rooting for the two main characters which means that I was invested in their romance. But honestly… Adults shouldn’t have to play games like this. TALK TO EACH OTHER. I’m not saying adults should have it all figured out. But annoying a girl to catch her attention? You’re not 12. 

Irresistibly Yours (Oxford #1) by Lauren Layne // ★★★★ // I’m so excited to continue this series/trilogy (I don’t know). I actually want to read the third book more than the second, because that one will revolve around Lincoln. But the Oxford series is about a magazine and journalists! This one is about Cole and Penelope, both sports editors. They want the same job: senior sports editor for the new sports aspect of Oxford. I love sports romances, especially when the women know just as much about it as the men. At first, I didn’t like Cole because he saw Penelope at a baseball game and assumed she would know nothing about it. And then he saw her eat a hotdog which he found incredible. Like he’s never seen a woman eat a hotdog before?? But I grew to love him, mostly because he didn’t make the underestimating-kind of mistakes twice.

It was a Lauren Layne kind of week! I actually think I read all of these in 2 days? 

what i watched 80c8b0

How to Get Away With Murder // In preparation of the new season starting soon, I finally caught up with HTGAWM! I love to binge the seasons of this show at once, because it’s so intense. I have to admit that I loved the first season a bit more than this one though… Everything just became so… Well, bat-shit crazy. 

Blindspot // The second season of Blindspot started last week (or in the beginning of this one?) so I had to finish watching the first season. I had like 5 episodes left and wow- so much happened in those 5 episodes! I really love this show, and I loved the first episode of the second season too. Can’t wait to see where season 2 will take us next. 

in real life 80c8b0

What happened this week? 

I’m still looking for work. 
I got obsessed with the cover of the Song Rise by Superfruit, Mary Lambert, Mario Jose and Brian Justin Crum (I think).
I had my second blogoversary, and I’m hosting a giveaway.

I think that’s pretty much it!

How was your week? Did you read, watch or do anything fun? 

Weekly Wrap Up | September #3

8 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up | September #3

  1. WOW! You read so much in a week I am a little bit jealous of you. Glad you liked most of these books too, it helps when you are enjoying what you read.
    I love How To Get Away With Murder it is such an intense show, I didn’t know that the new season was coming out soon, so thanks for letting me know!


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