I’M 22!

Yup, you read it right. I’m now officially 22! IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!

Last year, I made a 22 things to do before I’m 22 list. Today, I’m taking a look at what I’ve accomplished this past year! 

1. Take a trip on my own

So technically, I didn’t complete this. BUT I did book a solo trip for October 4th-7th! That counts for something, right? I’ll be taking a trip on my own in 2 weeks!

2. Get my driver’s license

I also underlined this because I kind of accomplished it. Because I let my theoretical license expire in 2015 before doing my practical exam, I had to do the following: retake the theoretical exam, take driving classes with the driving school until I’m ready to do my exam with them. I passed my theoretical exam in the beginning of the month, and I have my driving classes and exam planned for the next 2 months. So I planned and organized it all before my birthday. That kind of counts, right?

3. Get my phsyical TBR down to 45

HAHAHA, no. It’s at 84. Oops. 

4. Take a snowboarding/surfing class

Also, no. But I have a voucher I can use for a class, so I will probably use that in the coming year!

5. Self-host and redesign my blog

Also, no. I want to take my time with this and do it right. And I haven’t had that time in the past year. 

6. Be able to run a 5K

Hahaha, also no. 

7. Complete a 30 day yoga challenge

Okay, so thanks to Inge, I completed this goal. Maybe not really in 30 days… But I did the 30 days the best way I could! 

8. Bungee jump

Nope. I still really want to do this though!

9. Graduate from university

YES I DID! I graduated in June, and it still makes me so happy. 

10. Visit Wizarding World of Harry Potter

No, I didn’t. But I underlined it because I did go to the Harry Potter Exhibit in Brussels! That kind of counts, right? 

11. Knit a Gryffindor scarf

Also kind of. I tried. And then I got so frustrated with knitting! My mom took over, so I do have a homemade scarf. I just didn’t do it myself… I’m obviously not a knitting person. 

12. Read 3-5 classics

Also, no. I try, I really do. I read Frankenstein this year! Classics are hard, people. 

13. Try being a vegetarian for a month

Underlined, again. I feel like in a way, I did more than accomplish this goal? I didn’t go fully vegetarian for a month but I think it’s safe to say that about 75% of my daily meals have become vegan in the past year. 

14. Take a helicopter ride

Nope. Also still really want to do this! 

15. Read NPR’s Top 100 fantasy list

How deluded was I? They’re like 90 series on that thing. 

16. Have my own place

This may have been a bit overconfident. I’ve only just graduated. I can’t really start looking for a place until I’ve found a job…

17. Reach 500 followers on my blog

Another accomplished one! I’m so grateful for all of you. 

18. Get a small tattoo

Nope. I have made a list of quotes I may want as a tattoo. One of those will become a tattoo soon. 

19. Meet some of my favorite authors

Also, no. I’m hoping to change that soon though!

20. Go to a book convention/fest

Sadly, this also didn’t happen 😦

21. Comment more on blog posts 

I definitely did this! I’m trying to comment on more blogs, and discover more blogs through memes like Top Ten Tuesday.

22. Try out more new recipes

I definitely accomplished this. Going vegan for a lot of my meals has meant trying out a lot of new recipes and ingredients. I used to hate corn, and now I’ve discovered I quite like it. I have re-discovered my love for broccoli. I tried a Korean recipe on my own. I often go out of my way to buy one ingredient I have never used on a grocery trip, and find something delicious to do with that. 

So how did I do? I fully completed 5 of my goals, and kind of completed 3.

The goals I didn’t complete will become my goals for the next year! Maybe I can complete them before I turn 23! 

What I’ve got left to do before I’m 23:

Take a trip on my own
Get my driver’s license
Get physical TBR down to 45 books
Take a snowboarding/surfing class
(be able to) run a 5K
Self-host & redesign my blog
Bungee jump
Read 3-5 classics
Take a helicopter ride
Read NPR’s Top 100 fantasy list
Have my own place
Get a small tattoo
Meet some of my favorite authors
Go to a book convention/fest

I’M 22!

37 thoughts on “I’M 22!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOLIEN!!! ❤ I'm so sorry I only saw this now (I haven't had Wi-Fi for the past 3 days as we moved house)! I hope you had a lovely day filled with love, laughter, books and cake! 😉 ❤ AND well done for accomplishing so many of your goals! x


  2. Happy belated Birthday! And have lots of fun on your upcoming solo trip. I’ve only ever done solo day trips so I’m impressed you’re going for a few days 🙂 Did you use online yoga resources for your 30 day challenge? It’s something I’d like to get more into but apart from the Wii (ha!) I’m not sure where to start.


  3. Happy belated birthday Jolien. You achieved so much already especially graduating. That is major! All the best as you start your new year. Cheers to many more milestones.


  4. Happy birthday Jolien! 🙂 I hope your celebration was good!

    I think you did well with your goals. Those “get a tattoo” and “go bungee jumping” goals aren’t really time sensitive, so you have time to do it whenever you like.

    I made a 30 before 30 post for myself (I didn’t share it online) – because I’ll be turning 30 in April, eek! 🙂


  5. Happy Birthday!
    Wow, we share a birthday week! My birthday was on the 23rd 🙂
    This sounds like fun. I’ve always wanted to do something similar, but I can never think of goals to try and achieve during the year.
    Good luck for the coming year!


  6. Shoto says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Boy, you have your work cut out for the next year 😛
    Have fun on your trip and good luck with the classics, they can be a bit daunting 😛


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