Library Haul #1

I don’t go to the library often. That may be a strange thing to admit, especially as a book blogger. But you may know that I often prefer to read in English, rather than the translated books. You might also know that I live in Belgium. 

For the past few years, I’ve lived in Brussels as a student. I visited the library every once in a while there, because they did have a small English selection. Now that I’m not a student anymore, I also don’t live in Brussels anymore. My hometown is much smaller, but our library is quite big. So I decided to go there, and take a look at their English section. And I found all of this!

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12 thoughts on “Library Haul #1”

  1. Ooh you got so many good books! *_* I LOVE THE LIBRARY. It’s the best thing ever. I probably use it too much though XD *ignores accusing stares from towering TBR pile*


  2. YAYYY for an awesome library haul!! I use my library ALL the time…probably too much for someone who has a ginormous TBR as well to attempt to get through.😂 But I’m so glad you’ve found some library-ish successes!🎉


  3. I’m glad the library had an unexpectedly good selection for you to choose from. The foreign language sections in the libraries near me are pretty small, so it must be frustrating for people trying to read in other languages (one of them has one book in Arabic – just one. Like, why have they even bothered??). Library love though!


    1. I’m not sure why it just posted L! I was trying to say- looks like a great selection of books. I don’t visit the library as ours is very limited, but I’m glad that you found somewhere great!


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