Help Me Compile a Diverse Books List

So a while back, I wrote a discussion post on diversity, my privilege and how I felt uneducated on so many others’ experiences. In my quest to remedy my uneducation (what??) – so in my quest to educate myself- I have started a Google Spreadsheet on diverse books. I haven’t read all of them. In fact, I’ve barely read any of the list so far.

I included all kinds of diverse-reasons: maybe the author is POC, maybe it’s the main character who is diverse (POC, LGBTQIA+, gender related, …), etc. It doesn’t matter why the book is diverse. It just has to have one diverse aspect at the very least. 

While I have done my research, my knowledge is limited. So I’m asking you for help. I’ve made this into a Google Spreadsheet so anyone with the following link could edit. Help me create this diverse list -especially during these times.


Add the diverse books you’ve read. The ones you want to read. Add everything you can think of, so we’ll get an enormous list. So everyone can find themselves represented in a book. So others with a lot of privilege can read about your experiences. It doesn’t matter whether it’s middle grade, YA, NA or adult. The genre doesn’t matter. Just add it all. 

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12 thoughts on “Help Me Compile a Diverse Books List”

  1. I added quite a few, I am loving the list. A lot of good books on there that I really need to read. I am going to bookmark this list, I hope it’s okay.


  2. Can I suggest the addition of a column for why the book is diverse? Might be handy if people are looking for books with specific topics eg disability, LGBT character etc.


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