Weekly Wrap Up | December #5

I know this is technically going up on January 1st (HAPPY NEW YEAR!) but I’m talking about my reads during the last week of December so I’m calling it a December Wrap Up.

what i read 80c8b0

The Monuments Men by Robert M. Edsel // ★★★★ // I finally finished this book. I know that sounded really negative, so I’ll clarify. It took me a month to read this, but not because it was boring. I just didn’t have any time. This is an incredible non-fiction read about the Allied soldiers who were tasked with saving the European cultural heritage during WWII. I learned so much from this book, and was confronted with many things I had never thought about before. How much heritage we could have lost if not for these men. How much we did lose. How everyone kind of forgot about the amazing work these men did. I’d highly recommend this!

Hunter (Hunter #1) by Mercedes Lackey // ★★★ // Don’t you even dare ask me how I feel about this book because I have no idea. I both adored it, and hated it. I gave it 3 stars because I JUST DON’T KNOW, OKAY? If you want to hear it more in detail, you can either watch the video above or wait for my review in the coming week(s)… 

in real life 80c8b0

In real life, what happened?

Not that much, I’ll tell you. Last week, it was Christmas. Then I went to work and had a dentist appointment. I’m currently writing this on the 31st, so we’ll go over to my aunt’s house tonight to have some food and celebrate the new year. That’s really it. 

That was my week! How was yours? Did you read or watch anything fun? Did you have a nice celebration of the new year? Let me know! 

Weekly Wrap Up | December #5

7 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up | December #5

  1. Happy new year, Jolien! Like Becky my celebrations were very low-key, for which my liver thanks me. 😂

    The Monuments Men sounds like an absolutely fascinating read! I haven’t been reading enough non-fiction and I’d like to pick up more, so this is a good one to add to the list.


    1. Happy new year! I wish my celebrations were more low key… But I spent it with family so it was still okay. What I wouldn’t give for the introvert-dream-NYE though. I’d highly recommend The Monuments Men! If you pick it up, let me know so we can talk about it 😀


  2. Happy new year! I did very little to celebrate the New Year, I watched Eddie the Eagle and then saw the fireworks display in London on TV, I live life on the edge.

    I’m interested to see your thoughts on Hunter, I’ve been wanting to read some Mercedes Lackey for a while and thought it might be a good book to start with but it’ll depend on people’s thoughts on that one.And I’ve not read The Monuments Men, I remember watching the film when it came out (I know it’s not quite the same but at least it gets their efforts in the spotlight) I do think it’s tragic the amount of culture and out heritage we lost in the war, it makes me so sad seeing on the news the heritage sites destroyed in the war with IS because they important historical sites which can never be rebuilt! I may have to give that a read just because I love stuff like that.


  3. Hooray for finishing those books, Jolien! I am in the biggest reading slump at the moment, so I’m pushing my way through two books that I’m not very excited about. Ughhh.

    My week was actually very nice, and a great way to conclude a not-so-great year. ❤ I’m very hopeful for 2017 though!

    As for what I watched: I watched Moana (which I really loved though I acknowledge that it has flaws and problems with representation), and, very reluctantly, Happy Gilmore (my sister’s partner’s choice — worst. movie. I’ve. ever. seen. in. my. life).


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