DNFs and Disappointments of the Year | 2016 in Review

I’ve talked about my favorite reads of the year. Obviously, I also read some books that I didn’t like. So today, I’m talking about 2 types of books: ones I did not finish, and ones that I didn’t necessarily hate but felt really disappointed by. 

Fat Girl Walking by Brittany Gibbons // DNF
Shadow of the Raven (Sons of Kings #1) by Millie Thom // DNF

Fat Girl Walking had so much potential. I’ve been really into body positivity, the instagram posts on it and so on. So I figured this was going to be a really body positive book that would empower me. No. This should have been called: “a collection of stories that will make you cringe and feel incredibly uncomfortable by a woman who says she is body positive, but doesn’t appear to be so in the first however much I read of it”. I felt extremely uncomfortable by some of the skinny-shaming I read, and the story of her waking up with puke and her dog’s period blood on her. (WHAT?)

Shadow of the Raven is a book I DNFed, but would still recommend. I know that sounds odd. I just DNFed it because this book wasn’t for me. I wasn’t attached to the characters, and felt like the story line was moving in a weird direction. But I do think that many people would really enjoy this historical fiction novel. 

The Grace of Kings (Dandelion Dynasty #1) by Ken Liu // DNF
Once Upon a Dream (Twisted Tales #2) by Liz Braswell // DNF

The Grace of Kings is a book I was really excited to read. Not only had I heard amazing things about it, it’s an Asian-inspired fantasy. I’ve been wanting to read more fantasy books inspired by non-Western European places. I just couldn’t get into this one. I wasn’t a huge fan of the narration, I wasn’t invested in the characters and I sometimes couldn’t follow the timeline and thus the story. I am definitely in the minority with my opinion on this, because so many people love this. So if this interests you, I’d still recommend you to try it out. It just wasn’t for me. 

Once Upon a Dream… I quite enjoyed the first book which was a retelling of Aladdin. That might also be because I love Aladdin. I don’t quite love Sleeping Beauty as much, and I certainly didn’t enjoy this book. I thought it was really quite boring, and I disliked the main character who literally watches dust float around her room for an entire day. I wasn’t intrigued, a lot of it didn’t make sense to me and I just lost all interest. Sorry.

Settling the Score (Summer Games #1) by R.S. Grey // DNF
Paradise Fought: Abel (Paradise #1) by L.B. Dunbar // DNF

Settling the Score is a book I was so excited to read. I do love me some New Adult, especially sports-related ones. This book is set during the Rio Olympics! But I quit after 47%. I know that new adult is quite cheesy at times, but this was so over the top I nearly gave myself a headache rolling my eyes. Aside from that, I thought there wasn’t nearly enough sports in this one. It took me about 30% of the book to figure out that Andie is a goalkeeper in her football team. Don’t even ask me what positions her friends play in, because I have no idea. Don’t you think that should’ve been more prevalent in an OLYMPIC GAMES STORY? 

Paradise Fought: Abel… Can I hear you say HELL NO? (Hell nooo). HELL NOOO (hell noo). Please tell me you sang that in your head. I had so much problems with these characters I can’t even begin to tell you about them all. First, they meet on a beach and talk, but don’t recognize each other even though they were in the same class in high school and only just graduated. What? Then he pays her tuition if she will help him pick up girls. What? She doesn’t even thank him for lending her the money, but instead ignores him. HOW FUCKING RUDE? Then they decide they belong together even though they literally DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT EACH OTHER! Just, no.

The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan // Disappointed
The Tiger and the Wolf (Echoes of the Fall #1) by Adrian Tchaikovsky // Disappointed

The Royal We, a book I was so excited to read. It’s been marketed as a real-life fairy tale, or something like that. It should have been called the most depressing royal romance. If reality means never going outside or being able to tell anyone about your relationship for years, and being hidden in the backseat of a car under a blanket, count me out.

The Tiger and the Wolf had so much potential. I quite enjoyed the book Empire in Black and Gold by the author, so I was expecting a lot from this. It’s a fantasy world with different tribes of shapeshifters, and one girl who can shapeshift into both a tiger and a wolf. I just thought this had so much potential, but the actual execution was quite boring. Nothing really happened throughout the whole book! 

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins // Disappointed
Never Never by Brianna Shrum // Disappointed

The Girl on the Train, possibly one of the most hyped mystery books of the year. Especially with the movie being released. But I thought it was just okay. I didn’t really connect with the character, got annoyed with her most of the time and the big surprise didn’t blow me away either.Not bad, but not as good as praised -in my opinion. 

Never Never, which was supposed to be my first (and amazing) Peter Pan retelling. Instead, it was the boring tale of James Hook who said he wasn’t a kid but acted like a kid. And whined a lot -although he whined on a ship. 

Those were my DNFs of the year, and the books I felt disappointed by. Like I said, this doesn’t mean they are the worst books I read this year. Just, I was disappointed.

DNFs and Disappointments of the Year | 2016 in Review

12 thoughts on “DNFs and Disappointments of the Year | 2016 in Review

  1. Honestly, some romance novels take your suspension of disbelief and go mad. There really is only so much eye-rolling you can do before you hurt yourself, so you did the right thing DNFing Settling the Score!


  2. I’m sorry so many books disappointed you this year!

    But seriously, if anyone gets offended because you DNFed a book they loved, you just let me know. I’ll, uh, frown at them until they leave you alone. That’ll do it.


      1. I recently also just learned of another “Hook” Peter Pan retelling – Lost Boy by Christina Henry. I really enjoyed her ultra dark Alice in Wonderland inspired books. Who knows, this might finally be the Hook story I’ve been waiting for 🙂


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