My Personal Goals for 2017

I didn’t think I’d be writing this post, or making any resolutions for myself in 2017. I have a hard time remembering them anyways, so I usually don’t stick to them. This year however, my goals are a tad different. They’re not really related to my physical person, but my mental one. So here we go. 


I need to stop apologizing so much. It’s an awful habit, and it makes me feel like I’m hiding myself away. Of course, I will apologize for things I did wrong, or to people I may have hurt. But I will make it my goal to stop apologizing for ridiculous things.

For example, I always feel like I’m bothering someone or taking up too much of their time. I’m afraid they will be annoyed by me. So I will say something like: “I’m sorry if I’m taking too long in this store. If you want to leave, you have to tell me.” when we’re shopping for the day. No. If I want to spend time in this store, I should without feeling guilty and apologizing for it! It’s unnecessary. 

personal goal 2.png

I am an introvert. Really, such an introvert. I prefer staying in over partying. I prefer a good movie and/or book. That’s just who I am. But most young people don’t. Or at least, they don’t state it. So I’m always kind of embarrassed about it -and joke that I’m secretly 90 years old. 

But here’s the thing. An introvert is what I am. That will never change. So I need to start being more proud of it. And being more honest about it. If I need a day in to recover or reload my batteries so to speak, I need to say that.

And I need to feel less bad about not wanting to go out until 7AM on NYE. I just don’t enjoy it most of the time.

personal goal 3.png

I started 2017 with a social media purge. I unfollowed many Twitter and Instagram accounts, based on one rule: when I look at these pictures/tweets, do they make me feel good or bad about myself? 

I used to follow a lot of inspiring fitness-related accounts. Fit and strong women, because not only is that a trend but it felt inspiring to me. It no longer does. I don’t watch their photos and think: wow, look at what anyone can achieve! No. Instead I think, why don’t I look like that? And no matter what I will ever do, I will never look like them. Because we’re not the same person, we don’t have the same body type, etc. 

I’m not saying that these accounts are bad. It’s just that I don’t have good thoughts about myself when I look at them. So I’ve decided to no longer look at them. I want to be more proud of what I do look like -and obviously I want to be healthy and strong too- so I’ve decided to follow some body positive accounts. 

If you have any suggestions, let me know!

personal goal 4.png

For the latter half of 2016, a lot of my meals have been vegetarian and/or vegan. It’s something I’m passionate about, and I think is important for my health. 

But I haven’t truly stuck to it 100%. I live at home, and so when I come home at night and my parents cooked a stew or spaghetti, I feel bad not eating it. So I do. In 2017 though, I want to start being more honest with myself, and part of that means being honest about how important this is to me. I want to be a healthy person. And I think veganism can contribute so much to that. So I want to stick to it and commit. 

personal goal 5.png

I’ve been a fan of yoga for quite a long time. But I’ve never really had a consistent practice. This year, I really want to do just that. I want to take part in Yoga Revolution by Yoga With Adriene. I did Day 1 but then I got sick, so I’m waiting with continuing until I’m better. But yes, the ideal would be to do yoga at least 3 times a week. I’m hoping to create an even more frequent practice, but I’d already be happy with 3/week. 

personal goal 6.png

I know. I don’t have a driver’s license. I really need to get it though. My goal is to try and take the exam in March/April?

Those are my goals for 2017. I think they’re quite reasonable, but they are all so important to me right now. What are your personal goals for 2017?

My Personal Goals for 2017

36 thoughts on “My Personal Goals for 2017

  1. These are all definitely things I need to work on too! I am way too hard on myself and am slowly trying to change it. I’ve been vegetarian for a week now! It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for so long. It’s definitely been tempting to cave at times, but I’m trying to stick with it haha. I don’t have my driver’s license either! I’ve always avoided it because of my anxiety, but I’ve been thinking about maybe trying for it this year too. Good luck if you decide to go for yours 😀


  2. These are such great goals! I especially relate to the apologizing too much and being happy with my own little introvert self.
    I’m also always apologizing and then people tell me to stop apologizing and I just apoolgize for apologizing so much. It’s a habit, but one that needs to go 🙂
    And I have struggled a long time with my introvert personality (and sometimes still do) but overall we should be happy with who we are, there is nothing wrong with that. I read the book ‘Quiet:The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain and it really helped me with that. Her TED talk was also inspiring.
    Wishing you the best of luck with all these goals!


  3. I also want to get my driving license this year! I don’t really follow any fitness account, but I do feel inspired while looking on their pictures. I would be inspired to exercise, but not because I want to have that body type, it’s just because I want to get healthier 😀 Goodluck on your 2017 goals!


    1. I hope we’ll both get our license!

      The problem is definitely not the accounts! It’s more my personal mindset when I look at them… That’s entirely on me, not them though. But it’s not a healthy mindset, so I think it’s best to remove them from my feed until I don’t have said mindset anymore.


  4. All the best on your goals, Jolien!

    I need to stop apologizing too. I’ve stopped using that sort of language in my emails – words like ‘just’ or ‘wondering’ or ‘I’m sorry but’. I hope I can change this outside of emails too.

    I’m in my earlyish 20’s and I ONLY got my license last year. But, I did the impulsive, spontaneous thing: I booked my exam well in advanced just to secure the date to ensure I didn’t chicken out! BUT, wishing you all the best! I know you’ll do great!


  5. I really love these goals! I think you’re right—we should stop apologizing when there’s nothing to be sorry for and we should stop trying to pretend we’re not introverts. If there’s one thing the book blogging community has taught me, it’s that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being introverted, with feeling most comfortable at home, with needing time alone, or with preferring to avoid large groups of people. It’s only a problem when we (or others) try to force ourselves to adapt to all the extroverts in the world. That never ends well, haha. And I’m with you on embracing body positivity! It’s easier said than done, but I think it’s worth it. I should work on it as well. Good luck with all your goals!


  6. You can do the things! *Pom poms.*

    These are all amazing and admirable goals, and I’ll be looking forward to hearing about your successes this time next year! I might have to adopt a few myself (less unnecessary apologizing, especially).

    Ditching the fit-inspiration blogs in favor of body-positive ones is such a great idea. I wish I could suggest some great accounts for you to follow; if I find any in the next little while, I’m point you at them. =)


  7. HAHAHA I ALSO JOKE THAT I AM SECRETLY 89 YEARS OLD. I don’t know why I picked 89, but… yeah, sometimes I feel like an old person compared to all my extrovert friends. I’m quite happy spending a quiet evening reading instead of going out!

    Also, YES to the body positivity. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to be kinder and gentler to myself and my mental health, which includes trying to take better care of my body as well as not beating myself up about my appearance.

    I unfollowed a lot of people on social media at the beginning of this year too. Not just for body positivity reasons, but because sometimes I just don’t want to see someone’s drama all over Facebook. I still care about them, but I shouldn’t have to scroll past 5 of their long, rambly posts before seeing anything from anyone else in my feed. :/

    Good luck on all your goals, especially getting your license! I hope it’s not too stressful, haha.


    1. That’s such a great resolution too! Oftentimes, we think things of ourselves we would never think or say to our friends. And I think we should reserve the same amount of kindness for ourselves, as we do for those around us.

      And YES! I should really start un-friending on Facebook too. But I always feel so guilty about it? Even though I barely know said person, I find it hard to click a button that states they’re not a friend anymore :p

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  8. This is such an awesome list of goals! I definitely want to embrace body positivity in 2017 as well. Doing a social media purge is a really good idea that I should probably do, too.
    I’ve always thought about eating vegetarian or at least really limiting the amount of meat I eat on a regular basis. However, the thought of further restricting my diet past the point that my severe nut allergy already does is a little disheartening. Maybe someday!
    Best of luck with all of your goals!! ❤


  9. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    these are such good goals!! *applauds you* And I totally relate to the introvert one and the apologising one. Sometimes I feel like I should apologise for…like breathing?! GAH. It’s hard to get into that mentality and then figure out how to get out of it.😂 But we definitely don’t need to apologise to everyone all the time. And YES introversion is the bessst actually and we don’t need to change. Where is my hermit cave. I want to stay there forever. hehe.
    (I also have unfollowed a ton of accounts this year that weren’t making me happy. ❤ It's a good feeling!)


    1. Thank you, Cait!

      YES. I think to myself “why am I apologizing?” but for some reason the words just come out of my mouth.

      SUCH a good feeling! It’s even nice to admit to yourself that it doesn’t make you happy, and then push that unfollow button 🙂


  10. tea and titles says:

    These are such great goals Jolein I think we are quite similar people. I’ve noticed I can be a bit too apologetic and ofcourse I am an introvert however I do like going out so maybe I’m a bit of both. I got my drivers license finally last year and hopefully I will get a car of my own very soon , you’ll get there!

    Also about the veganism as you may know I’m vegan so always feel free to chat with me about it I also did a post recently with some of my tips and some rescources :

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Actually, I’ve been thinking about that post lately -and how similar people we seem to be 😀

      I struggle the most with lunch for work and dinner with my family… I leave for work early so I don’t have much time to prepare lunch, and I’m the last person at home so my family always cooks (and they aren’t vegetarian/vegan)…


  11. Love your goals! I’m a super introvert and it took a while before I could be truly comfortable and proud of being one. It used to bother me when people tell me to talk more in meetings or to not be “such a loner” when I’m just fine being by myself. Now I’m just like, meh. I guess it comes with age, too. LOL. You’ll get there! 🙂

    Also, practicing yoga regularly is on my list too! I’ve done it a few times but wasn’t consistent. I want to do the whole #yogaeverydamnday thing but I’d also be happy with 3x a week for now. Good luck to us! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! YES. Or when they tell you to “not be so boring” or “have fun once in a while”. It doesn’t seem to enter their minds that our ideas of fun aren’t the same.

      I hope we’ll both create a regular practice 😀 Maybe 2 or 3 times a week would be perfect!

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  12. Supporting you all the way here ❤ I think it's great that you're looking to be healthier for your own sake, and I hope it works for you. In terms of the apologizing thing — some unsolicited advice (I hope you don't mind): try saying thank you instead. Like with the store example, you could say "Thank you for coming with me. I enjoy spending time time with you" or something like that. It's healthier imo and it might make the other person smile 🙂

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  13. This sounds like a very solid list of goals, and ones I definitely think you can achieve if you put your mind to it. You’ve already shown how important all of these things are to you, and with that mindset, anything is possible. I’m really proud of you for being honest with yourself and setting these goals. Best of luck this year with meeting all of them ❤ I believe in you, Jolien!


  14. It’s so cool to see vegetarianism as one of your goals. I am a vegetarian and I am really proud of that part of my life, but it also has been hard to continue. This is giving me some needed motivation to stop with the occasional cheat and to do a whole lot better.

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