Weekly Wrap Up | January #2

what i read 80c8b0

The Game of Love and Death by Martha Brockenbrough // ★★★★★ // This had been on my shelf for months, and I finally picked it up. I can’t tell you how beautiful this story is. It’s also quite a diverse read -even though I hate what happened to one of the “diverse characters”.  I would highly recommend this historical fiction book with magical realism/fantasy additions.

Postkapitalisme by Paul Mason (Originally: Postcapitalism: A Guide to the Future by Paul Mason) // Translated by Menno Grootveld // ★★★★ // Look at me achieving my 2017 goals. This is a non-fiction read that was translated into Dutch, and that I got from the library. 4/5 goals achieved right there. I really enjoyed this book, and it gave me loads to think about. At times it was an incredibly easy read, but other times I really struggled to continue (especially in the very historical events heavy parts). I’d really recommend it though.

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As always, I watched the new Conviction and Criminal Minds episodes! I also watched the first episode of season 1 of Black Mirror. What a fucked up episode. I mean, really. I do want to continue, but it’s not a series I can binge. I also watched the first episode of A Series of Unfortunate Events! I was scared NPH wouldn’t be able to do Count Olaf justice, but so far I’m really enjoying it.

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What happened this week?

We started the #DisabilityDiaries2017 event! I talked about dyslexia in YA, and you can fidn my post here. I also link to the other blogs participating in the event in that post. You should really check their posts out too, because they’ve written some amazing and thought-provoking pieces.

I also went to the China Lights show in the Antwerp Zoo. My dad’s work organized this company trip with a boat ride (+BBQ/food) from our region to the port of Antwerp, and then we got to see the show in Antwerp. It was really beautiful! I posted a picture on my Instagram, if you want to see it. 

That was my week! How was yours? Did you read, watch or do anything fun? I’d love to hear about it!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up | January #2”

  1. It seems like everyone I know is recommending Black Mirror… though it sounds a little too creepy and dark for my tastes! Glad you had a great week!


  2. What a great week you’ve had, achieving goals, reading books, going to events and shows. Hope next week is as good for you.
    I quite like the sound of your historical read. I will add that to my wishlist.
    Lynn 😀


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