Top 5 Wednesday: Tropes I’m Tired Of

It’s time for another #T5W post! As always, I will leave all the Top 5 Wednesday information in the description box of my video, so you can participate too if you want to. Today, it’s about tropes you’re tired of seeing. 

1. The Girl Who Has Always Thought She’s Different, and the Mysterious Boy Who Told Her Why. I know that’s a long title. But I hope you know what I mean. It’s this girl who has always felt like she doesn’t fit in, but she isn’t sure why. Then a mysterious new guy arrives who is attracted to her/intrigued by her for some unknown reason. PLOT TWIST: the reason is paranormal and why she has always felt different. Sigh.

2. The Girl Who Has Never Felt Beautiful, But Suddenly Finds Two Guys Who Are Attracted to Her and Can’t Choose Between Either. You can switch the genders here, if that trope speaks to you more. I did choose to put genders here because a) there aren’t really many genderfluid or non-binary gender books, and the ones that do exist usually don’t feature this trope. Does that say something about diverse books being more unique in plot too? I think so. Anyway, it’s usually a girl who has always felt ugly but suddenly there are two guys who find her attractive and it has turned into love. How? WHY?

3. Miscommunication as a Plot Device in Romance. You all need to stop with this trope. IT IS RIDICULOUS. There are other ways to further your plot! The miscommunication usually comes to this huge drama which makes the characters stop seeing each other until one of them finally realizes the mistake. I don’t think it’s a good thing to tell (young) people that miscommunication is the only way to go in a relationship. No. Talk to the person. 

4. The Special Snowflake Who Apparently Is Good At Literally Everything. It’s the person who can magically do every single thing they try. Never tried to shoot an arrow before? No worries, they’ll hit the bulls eye on the first go. It’s ridiculous. This goes together with the trope The Person Who Wants to Learn a Skill and Apparently is Naturally Talented and Amazing Immediately. I feel like this is an insult in a way. No matter how much talent you have, or inclination towards a skill, you’ll still have to work incredibly hard to become good/the best at it. 

5. The Worst Parents Ever/No Parents At All. I know that there are horrible parents out there. And children/people who have lost their parents. So I’m not saying there shouldn’t be any stories on this. I’m just annoyed that every YA book has this trope, just to make it more plausible for the main character to save the world/have the most epic romance. Because let’s be real, if I was gone to save the world without telling my parents, they’d be so worried they’d have a heart attack. 

Bonus: The Stalker-Turned-Love-Interest. You know what I’m talking about. It was quite prevalent in YA paranormal books for a while. It’s usually a normal teenage girl who starts seeing the same guy everywhere, looking at her. Then she walks up to him, asks him why he is following her, he has some INSANE paranormal explanation, and she’s like: okay. And then falls in love with him. WHAT??? If someone is repeatedly following you, please lock yourself inside and call the police.

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20 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Tropes I’m Tired Of”

  1. Preach it, girl, preach! You are such a great observational reader. You would SO appreciate the Reapers trilogy by Bryan Davis (though the third book, Reaper Reborn, isn’t out yet), but I would love to hear your thoughts on it. So not your typical dystopian-urban-fantasy. I use it as an example in several of my posts for what TO DO as a writer. Keep on preachin’ girl. I wish there were more young readers like you so writers would be more original rather than make their work carbon-copies of other popular works.


  2. I love this post so much. Absent parents can be a really tiring trope, especially when you kind of want authors to explore more than romantic relationships. “The Girl Who Has Never Felt Beautiful, But Suddenly Finds Two Guys Who Are Attracted to Her and Can’t Choose Between Either” is one I absolutely hate. I hate that she gets to feel confident and validated for the first time only when these guys enter her life. Not okay in my opinion. I love your bonus trope as well. If I keep seeing the same mysterious stranger at various places and he’s just staring at me (I don’t care how long his eyelashes are), I’m calling the cops and asking for a restraining order. Great post!


    1. Thanks! I agree. I wish there were more books about people finding body positivity and self-love without needing a partner to confirm that for them. YES! I love the ‘I don’t care how long his eyelashes are’ because it’s sooo true 😀 Call the police. Stay inside. Hide!!

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  3. Yes to all of these. I know that some books can include these tropes and be enjoyable but I’m getting bored of it. I’m bored of the worst parents ever, or the absentee parents, it’s so ridiculous. And the special snowflake thing? That’s getting old fast. I just wish authors could get a bit more intentive, or twist these tropes so that they feel original and don’t leave you rolling your eyes.


  4. YESSS, I completely agree with all of these. Not only are they obnoxious, but many of them are also dangerous things to normalize for teens by romanticizing them in YA books.


  5. Aweee, I’ve never actually seen one of your videos (sorry!!!) but that was so cool! You did awesome, I always stammer and get a really high pitched voice when I have to talk in front of a camera. (Yay for the preface about diversity!)
    And I totally agree on all the tropes you mentioned. Loved the way you titled them by the way. My biggest bookish pet peeve is probably miscommunication. It’s not just in books but in TV shows too and it drives me nuts. Like 90% of the problems/drama could be solved if people actually talked with each other.


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