Review: A Conjuring of Light | Spoiler Free


A Conjuring of Light (Shades of Magic #3) by V.E. Schwab
Published: 21.02.2017 by Titan Books

Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 5/5 stars – ★★★★★

I won’t provide a synopsis, as this is the third book in the trilogy. 

My review is spoiler-free, even for those who haven’t read the first 2 books.


I mean, what can I say about this book without spoiling you all on any of the previous books? That’s the last thing I want to do! So I’ll just write a few lines on how I felt about this series ending.

I was scared to start this. The ending of a series is always a terrifying thing, especially one you love so much. I was scared that the book wouldn’t live up to my incredibly high expectations -seeing as those have been built up for the last two books. I shouldn’t have been. I should’ve put more faith in V.E. Schwab. Because she always manages to craft a masterpiece.

When I first opened the Kindle copy, it informed me that the book was about 666 pages long. Not only do I find that number hilarious, I also found it intimidating. It’s by far the largest book in the trilogy (I think), and that made me… well, it made me doubt the author. What if they just dragged out the story for far too long? What if it felt like nothing happened for pages and pages and pages?

Again, should have had more faith in V.E. Schwab.

Yes, this book is long. Yet it never felt dragged out to me. I didn’t feel like she was stretching the characters storylines for too long. Instead, I felt relieved she had written so many pages because it allowed for the story arc to be more realistic. With all that was happening in Kell’s world, it could’ve easily ended up feeling rushed: a race to the ending. Making the book this long allowed for things to unfold in a more natural way. As natural as it can get in a fantasy world, of course.

I have so much love for all of these characters. And I felt like Schwab did them all justice. They stayed true to their character until the very last page of the book. Of course, they had changed. Kell in book 3 is no longer the same as Kell in book 1. That would be impossible, after all he has been through. I think the character development in these books is really great. Some people learn to trust, or to love. Others learn to be less naïve.

Aside from the characters themselves, I also adore the relationships. Not just the romantic ones, but the friendships and familial bonds too. Or even if you can’t be friends with someone, after past events, you can still respect them.

I found this book to be fast-paced, interesting and surprising at every turn. Although there is one little story line left untold, and I feel like I will always be stuck with that question! Someone talk to me about that in a DM on Twitter -so we won’t spoil anyone, obviously.

All in all, I’m so glad I went on this journey with V.E. Schwab. I have come to love her characters almost as much as she loves them -as I don’t think there is anyone in the world who can love a character as much as their author does. Am I sad the journey is over? Of course. I could spend an eternity with these characters, and in this world. But ultimately? I am grateful for having read this wonderful trilogy.

If you haven’t read A Darker Shade of Magic or its sequels, I’d definitely encourage you to. You might find yourself on a wonderful journey.

 In the meantime, I can’t wait to read more of Schwab’s works.



Review: A Conjuring of Light | Spoiler Free

12 thoughts on “Review: A Conjuring of Light | Spoiler Free

  1. I already can see Kell changing as I read the second book. My hope that he is more cautious, because he scares me with his decision-making skills. I definitely feel encouraged by this post, because I am slowly making my way through this trilogy. It’s brought me so much joy and excitement. You have good taste in books.
    PS: sorry for hating on Locke Lamora.


  2. I think I’m in the minority on my thoughts of this one. I enjoyed it, and the conclusion was EPIC, but the first half of the book was simply too meandering and slow for me. Second book is still my favorite I think, but this was better than book one 🙂


  3. So glad to read your gushing review, and excited to get to this. I’ve loved every book of this series and it’s wonderful when the last book doesn’t let readers down:-)


  4. I was like you as well. I didn’t dare pick this one up because I was genuinely afraid of the things that would happen.

    Despite receiving a copy a week before its release, I waited until the point where I couldn’t stomach the idea of being spoiled. So I read A Conjuring of Light and it was AWESOME.


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