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November 17 marks the start of The One Readathon To Rule Them All which, if you hadn’t guessed already, was inspired by Lord of the Rings. You can find more information on the readathon here. I saw the announcement on Ashley’s channel (Don’t Have a Degree in Reading), and fell in love with the readathon. It takes place from November 17 until December 1st.

They’ve created a few routes you can follow, but the main objective is to get the ring to Mordor. You can find all the information on the different routes in the video linked above! Every place/city has a prompt attached to it, so you can travel through reading. You can use a book for multiple prompts as well.

I am going to take route 4: the nomadic traveller which means I’m choosing the cities I’m going to myself. Here’s what I plan on reading, and which cities they correspond to.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (HP #2) by J.K. Rowling
I want to continue my re-read of Harry Potter, which I pretty much do every year. I re-read the first book in August, and want to continue. Obviously, this will be a pretty quick read considering I’ve read it more than 15 times already. I will be annotating and tabbing my copy, which may slow me down.

The Chamber of Secrets will take me to:

  • The Shire: re-read a favorite fantasy book
  • Fangorn: fantasy with magical/supernatural creatures
  • Minas Tirith: fantasy book

Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow (Nevermoor #2) by Jessica Townsend
I read the first book in September and fell in love with this world and the characters in it. I preordered the second book, but haven’t read it yet. Let’s change that! Once again, this will probably be a fairly quick read since it’s a middle grade novel.

Wundersmith will take me to:

  • Fangorn: fantasy with magical/supernatural creatures
  • Rohan: fantasy with a female MC
  • Minas Tirith: fantasy book
  • Mordor: the last/most recent installment of a fantasy series

The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air #1) by Holly Black
I’ve seen so many people rave about this book on their blog/YouTube channel! I wasn’t planning on buying this at all, so I was incredibly happy to see it in my library last week. I definitely want to read it before having to give it back, which makes this the perfect time to pick it up.

The Cruel Prince will take me to:

  • Fangorn: fantasy with magical/supernatural creatures
  • Rohan: book with female MC
  • Minas Tirith: fantasy book

It might also take me to Isengard, because the prompt is ‘fantasy with a villain/morally grey MC/POV’. I’m not sure whether that’s the case, so I didn’t put it down for Isengard yet. Let me know if the book would fit that too! The same goes for Moria, for which the prompt is to read a grimdark/spooky fantasy.

The Black Tides of Heaven (Tensorate #1) by J.Y. Yang
This book seems so fascinating to me, and I really want to read it. I believe it’s a collection of novellas set in Yang’s Tensorate world. I know next to nothing about this book, other than it is Asian inspired, explores gender, and is own voices. The author was born in Singapore and they identify as queer and non-binary.

The Black Tides of Heaven will take me to:

  • Bree: fantasy in a non-European setting
  • Rivendell: book with LGBTQIA+ rep
  • Gondor: fantasy with POC rep
  • Minas Tirith: fantasy book

Girls of Paper and Fire (Girls of Paper and Fire #1) by Natasha Ngan
Another one I desperately want to get to. I preordered a Kindle copy because this book just sounds so fantastic. It’s about girl who get chosen as concubines for the King, and two of the girls falling in love with each other. At least, that’s what I think it’s about…

Girls of Paper and Fire will take me to:

  • Bree: fantasy in non-European setting
  • Rivendell: fantasy novel with LGBTQIA+ rep
  • Rohan: fantasy with a female MC
  • Gondor: fantasy with POC rep
  • Mordor: most recent installment in fantasy series

That’s what I plan on reading in the next few weeks! I might still be reading The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, which is my current read. It’ll fit for a few of the topics too, so I’m not too worried about that. Are you participating in the readathon? Have you read any of these books?

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  1. I just started my blog up but I really want to participate in some readathons next year. This one looks so fun and you have some great picks. I adored Nevermoore and can’t wait to read the second as well. I also loved Cruel Prince and Girls of Paper and Fire.


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