My to-read list for the OWLs readathon | in which I study to become a curse breaker

Last year, I was too late to participate in the O.W.L.s readathon as it is hosted every April by Book Roast. I did take part in the N.E.W.T.s readathon, which kind of felt like cheating since I hadn’t take the previous exams. If you’re somehow unaware, O.W.L.s are the exams Hogwarts students take in 5th year, and partly decide their career paths later on. Certain careers require a specific set of knowledge, and you can only do that job if you have the required minimum scores on certain subjects.

I’m so in awe of G, who created this readathon. She put so much time and effort in it! She created a whole booklet of Wizarding Careers you can study for, and each Career has the required O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s levels. You can either pick a career and study for those subjects by fulfilling the fitting prompt, or you can just take random subjects if you don’t wish to do a career. You can find the booklet with Wizarding Careers here, and the fitting prompts per subject here.

I can’t wait to participate! The readathon spans the entire month of April, so you have about 4 weeks to collect the necessary O.W.L.s for your career path.

I’ve decided to go for the career path of curse breaker. I had some trouble deciding between librarian and curse breaker, but for now I’ve decided on curse breaker. If I have a good reading month, I might end up going for both because they share quite a few subjects. Let’s take a look at the subjects I’ll need to follow if I want to become a curse breaker!

The one rule you should be aware of is that you’re not allowed to use one book, comic, etc. for multiple subjects and prompts.


> read a retelling

I think that the only retellings I have on my shelves are both digital copies. I could read The Wrath and the Dawnwhich has been on my TBR for literal years. Or I could read Wintersong, which sounds pretty interesting but I’ve heard mixed reviews on.


> read a work written by more than one author

I have quite a few options for this one. I might read Leviathan Wakes, which I bought in a secondhand shop last year. I didn’t even realize James S.A. Corey was a pseudonym for an author duo until I looked up books that could fit this topic. I also interpret this prompt as multiple creators, which qualifies most graphic novels for this subject too. There are some on Scribd that I’m quite interested in reading, like  The Avant-Guards Volume 1Misfit City Volume 1, or Goldie Vance Volume 1.


> age-line = read an adult work

There are honestly so many books I could choose for this topic. I have quite a lot of adult works on my TBR, and I haven’t decided which one I’ll end up reading for this subject. Here are some books I kind of feel like reading at the moment and might pick, but this is definitely not set in stone. Last year, I read and loved the Fifth Season and I’m excited to continue the trilogy with The Obelisk Gate. On Storytel, I have the audiobook of both Sleeping Giants and My Sister, the Serial Killer. The latter is quite short, which would be useful in a readathon. On Scribd, the e- and audiobook of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo are available. Everyone has been screaming about this book, and I kind of want to know why. Like I mentioned earlier though, I might end up reading something completely different.

defence against the dark arts

> reducto = title of the book or series starts with an ‘r’

I’m fairly certain I’ll end up reading The Three-Body Problem for this prompt, because I’ve lent it from the library and the series is called Remembrance of Earth’s Past. I do also own a physical copy of Riders, and although my book is translated (Dutch) the title has remained the same. Or I could end up reading Rise of the Dragons, which I have absolutely never heard anyone talk about and has been on my Kindle for years.


> next ingredient = read a sequel

This is another prompt I could pick 10+ books for. I have so many sequels on my shelf! I think it’s likely that I’ll end up reading either Holy Sister or The Shadowglass as those are probably my 2 most anticipated reads of 2019. I could also read Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 2, because I recently read the first one and absolutely loved it. Some other options are Tower of Thorns and Blood for Blood.


> read a book with sprayed edges or a red cover

I don’t have any books with sprayed edges, so I’ll go for a red cover for this subject. Red is apparently a popular cover, because I have a few options already on my shelves. I might read The Mime Order, which I’ve been meaning to read since 2016. Bone is also an option, and would be quite a quick read since it’s a poetry collection. Scythe is an extremely popular YA dystopian/science fiction novel I still haven’t read, so April might be the time I finally change that. Spellslinger seems like an intriguing read too, and I can feel myself gravitating towards that one right now. Lastly, I also have I Am Not a Serial Killer as an option.

As you can see, this is more of a list of options rather than a TBR. I might still end up reading something else, but it’s far more likely I’ll pick these ones up. Which ones should I get to first? Are you participating in the readathon?

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15 thoughts on “My to-read list for the OWLs readathon | in which I study to become a curse breaker”

  1. It’s a good thing that you’re providing options for every prompt, so you can still tend to some mood reading. I loved Scythe and Sleeping Giants! Good luck with your curse breaking. ♥


  2. Curse Breaker sounds like such a cool career! I chose Hogwarts professor and I’ve been trying to decide what to read. It looks you have a lot of great options. I highly recommend Seven Husbands and Scythe, they are two of my favorite books of all time. Good luck with your OWLs 🙂


  3. Best of luck with the readathon this year, this looks like a great TBR! I haven’t picked a career, I’m trying to get as many O.W.Ls as I can this year, but I am tempted to try for Curse Breaker myself just because I remember reading about Bill Weasley being a Curse Breaker and thinking it sounded so cool.

    My Sister, the Serial Killer and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo are both on my general TBR, too! I hope you enjoy them when you get to them. 🙂 I loved the Broken Earth trilogy! I thought it got better and better with each book.


  4. Definitely vote for Spellslinger (not that you asked for votes), but it was such a wonderfully surprising read for me! I didn’t expect to enjoy it *nearly* as much as I did and it’s definitely a quick, pleasant read. I hope you enjoy all the books and pass your O.W.L.s with flying colors! 😉


  5. Thi is such a fun readathon and I’ve been really tempted to join, but since I still feel a little slumpy, I’m not forcing myself with a readathon yet. But I did recently read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, and absolutely adored it. For me it was worth all the hype, so hope you’ll love it too. Happy reading and good luck with the OWL’s 😉


    1. I’m a tad worried about the readathon because I’m feeling quite slumpy too. I just started a new job, and I never read much when that happens because I need to get into a new rhythm. I hope I’ll be able to get into the Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, and that I end up loving it too. Thanks 😀


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